Quality over Quantity and Quality-First Approach

Aquarzon propagates 150+ species of live aquarium plants including 80+ rare species. We post by Australia Post Express on Monday and Tuesday weekly with 100% guaranteed delivery.

Most of our aquatic plants are submersed grown utilising high-tech aquarium hardware and years of expertise.

Live fish, shrimps and plants can be posted to most locations including Melbourne (Victoria), Sydney (NSW), Brisbane / Gold Coast (Queensland) and Adelaide (South Australia). Live aquatics cannot be posted to Perth / WA due to state restrictions (aquarium supplies such as aquascaping tools and filters are fine).

Our team works very hard daily to deliver excellence in variety, quality and customer service so that our customers can enjoy the following 15 points benefits:

1) EXTENSIVE 150+ VARIETY (80+ Rare Species) - to perfectly suit your specific tank size and exact custom aquascape needs

With a very wide variety of 150+ aquarium plants including rare types, you can get the most suitable freshwater aquatic plants for your aquarium tank online at Aquarzon. We have micro, mini, dwarf and standard types for many types of aquarium plants which enable aquascapers to buy exactly what they need for their aquarium tank to achieve the desired aquascape. As an example, we cultivate the true Micro Java Fern, Mini Java Fern, Bolbitis and standard Needle Leaf Java Fern. This enables you to specifically buy the perfect size type of aquatic plants to suit your tank size, regardless of whether you have a small nano cherry shrimp tank or a large freshwater planted aquarium fish tank. 

Aquarzon propagates the largest range of aquarium mosses and fissidens in Australia. We cultivate more than 40 types from compact growing mosses like Christmas Moss (more bushy growth than Java Moss) to the rarest mosses like Giant Willow Moss and Mini Weeping Moss (also known as Java Spring Moss). We have the exact moss for your needs regardless of whether you need a very rare unique Pilo Weeping Moss curling down for your Bonsai driftwood tree or a Peacock Moss background wall.

Besides that, we offer around 35 types of Bucephalandra and 20 types of Anubias including Rare True Anubias White and Anubias Pinto. All types of sizes are available from the small Anubias Nana Petite to the XL Anubias Coffeefolia. For aquascapers that like aquatic ferns for their jungle and forest-style nature aquarium aquascape, we have the widest range in Australia with more than 25 types of aquarium ferns including uncommon Java Fern / Microsorum variants, Mini Bolbitis, rare Hymenophyllaceae and micro Crepidomanes varieties propagated under our care.

We also propagate various species of rare slow growing Crypts (Cryptorynes), Amazon Swords (Echinodorus) and rare stem plants (Rotala Ramosior 'Florida', Ludwigia White in ADA Amazonia substrate etc). For those that like aquarium floating plants, we grow Red Root Floaters and Hygroryza Aristata which are also suitable as pond plants.

The original specimens of very rare and rare varieties were acquired locally from more than 200 hobbyists in Australia throughout the years. They are then meticulously propagated by us with dedicated care backed with years of expertise and high tech aquarium hardware.

2) HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCTION - through manual hard work with expertise and high tech hardware 

Aquarzon places a huge emphasis on producing high-quality aquarium plants. This is done through manual hard work backed with years of expertise and high tech aquarium hardware. Our focus on quality is so that you can enjoy beautiful and healthy plants straight out of the parcel box.  

While we do not claim perfection, we put in the hard work and try our best to achieve excellence in plant quality for you to enjoy. We perform regular maintenance including daily proper care, weekly algae checks and monthly tests or treatments as necessary.  Routine care includes deep cleaning, mass pruning and fine-tuning Co2 and aquarium light level as well as nutrient levels covering macronutrients (nitrate, potassium phosphate) and micronutrients including iron via custom liquid aquarium fertilisers for every single setup. We put in a lot of hard work behind the scenes including comprehensively cleaning and performing multiple-step treatments on green algae and BBA algae the moment they are discovered. It can be intensive work as treating sensitive or more delicate aquatic plants such as US Fissidens and Mini Pellia for example is not straightforward.

To support the production of high-quality plant for our customers, we invest a lot on aquarium hardware and never stinge on it. The tens of thousands invested in Aquarzon were not just on the acquisition of rare aquarium plants within Australia but instead, a large portion was invested on aquarium hardware. This includes multiple high-powered Chihiros WRGB II aquarium lighting, custom MakeMyLed (MML) aquarium light, 36kg+18kg Co2, 100L+ quality nutrient rich substrate (e.g. ADA Amazonia aquarium substrate), custom setups, Seachem and API root tabs etc.


Aquarzon manually clean submersed grown plants both ways (incoming and outgoing) to ensure plants cleanliness are of the highest standards. Submersed grown plants going out to our customers are manually washed before they are carefully packed. When we acquire new submersed plants from local Australian aquarium enthusiasts, they are manually cleaned and most are quarantined. All these are done to ensure that the plants we propagate and send are clean and free from predatorial pests. 

We want you to receive high quality and clean freshwater aquarium plants so that you can happily plant them straight out of the box when it arrives. Being passionate aquarists ourselves, we understand the frustration and disappointment of receiving plants filled with algae and unwanted pests. No planted aquarium tank owner enjoys wasting time dealing with poor quality plants in a dirty mess. 


A bonus benefit when buying from Aquarzon is that you can be assured there will be no unwanted riccia or dragonfly larvae or damselfly nymph predatory pests on your aquarium plants.

Unfortunately, many hobbyists do not realise just how predatory and destructive dragonfly and damselfly nymph can be. We had customers who lost dozens of expensive shrimp and $700+ of fish after they were caught and eaten by the nymphs.

These nymphs are ferocious. They usually hide and hitchhike from plants originating from nurseries/farms which grow aquarium plants outdoors. They can also spread through eggs on outdoor-grown plants that are sold by some commercial shops, and then introduced to a customer's aquarium.

It is often difficult to remove them as once it has invaded your aquarium, they can keep hiding among plants and eat your shrimp or fish when it is dark. In many cases, the only way is to strip the aquarium to hunt all of them down. Besides losing so much time, money is also lost. By the time of discovering the nymph, many hobbyists had already lost many shrimp or fish. Many hobbyists do not even realise their presence even when one by one of their shrimp/fish disappears or appears mutilated. 

Just search "dragonfly nymph" or "damselfly nymph" on Facebook shrimp groups and you will see time and time again of hobbyists sharing their bad experiences of nymphs eating their shrimp which the nymphs came from plants purchased from some commercial shops.

This is why we keep emphasising the importance of quality and clean plants. For us, all of our plants are grown indoors which prevents issues like this (predatory outdoor pests) from occurring.  

Besides that, Aquarzon aquarium plants are cleaned 2 ways as described above and many procedures are done to maintain this nymph-free assurance.


All of our plants are very carefully packed and packaged to ensure safe arrival to you. We usually pack the with 5-6 layers of protection. Internally, each plant is wrapped with moist, thick serviettes and zip-sealed with reusable, high micron count plastic packaging. There's bubble wrap layering for internal physical protection and temperature insulation. For external protection, all plants are carefully arranged into and protected by a hard box. For some plants attached to rocks that can be fragile during postage like small rhizome plants including mini Bucephalandra and Anubias Pangolino as well as Micro Java Fern, we would usually even double-box them individually as additional layer of protection as we want them to arrive you in the best condition possible. Finally, there's an outer satchel for water resistance. We implement the concept of Kaizen in our careful packaging method to achieve excellence in this area as we know how it is to ensure plants can be delivered to you safely in the most healthy condition possible.


All Aquarzon plants are individually labelled for easy identification so that you know exactly which is which. We always think of you and understand how it feels receiving plants with no name labels. As such, we always ensure that all plants from us are always labelled. 


With years of hands-on cultivation and aquascaping experience, Aquarzon can even create a customised plants pack that suits your nano shrimp tank or larger aquarium fish tank based on your desired aquascape theme if you prefer. Whether you are a beginner looking for easy low light aquarium plants like Trident Java Fern or an expert who needs a moss wall or unique variegated Anubias attached to aquarium rocks for a high tech tank, you can count on our expertise. We can get you easy carpeting plant, suitable foreground plant, midground and tall aquarium background plants. 

All you have to do is to select your budget, send us your tank photo and describe your desired aquascape and we can customise an excellent pack for you. You can also let us know your plant preference is you like, such as if you prefer a mix of bright green and red stem aquarium plants to create a contrasting effect. Or perhaps, you would like a package of low light aquarium plants for a low tech nature aquarium type which is an excellent choice for beginners with basic skill level. We can even select just region-specific freshwater tropical plants such as from South America or East Asia / Borneo or even just purely Australian natives if you need for a natural environment recreation for a natural habitat biotope aquarium aquascape tank.

Aquarzon's expertise and knowledge in rare plant propagation, aquascaping, algae treatment and shrimp care are reflected in the plant and shrimp write-ups we did which took over 2500 working hours which are explained in the bottom part of the next point. 


95%+ plant photos on Aquarzon online shop are uniquely taken by us. We spent years of work taking more than 15,000+ unique photos and around 1000+ shortlisted have been uploaded to our online store, Facebook & Instagram. It takes extremely a lot of time to photograph them as adjusting exposure, lighting, angles, zooming, retaking many multiple shots, shortlisting, etc. easily takes hours for each photography session and we have done hundreds of sessions. We do have a very small percentage of stock photos or customer-shared photos which we share with permission of our customers and these are primarily to help provide more visuals, for example, on best placements for certain plants, etc. As far as possible, we avoid using 'Google copied photos' of plants in our shop. It may be a common practice in the aquarium trade to quickly "copy and paste" from Google as a "quick and easy" shortcut way. However, we do not believe it is the right way and as such, we go through the hard way by taking almost all plant photos ourselves for our 150+ plants. Firstly, besides being not right as it is utilising someone else's work, it does not rightly depict the plant since the plant belongs to another person as it is not even the same plant being grown for sale. Secondly, we want to bring you unique photos of our actual plants cultivated by us. 

When it comes to plant profile descriptions, we want to provide you with value in insightful information based on our long-term observations and propagation experience to help you to improve your freshwater aquarium aquascape. As such, we do not do the practice of "copy and paste" for plant profile descriptions etc. It is not right to take someone's work anyway. If you do some Google searching, you will see that there are easily more than 10 websites having the same or very similar plant description to one another as they had been copied and paste from one to another. If you want to test this, just look at the plant description of "Staurogyne repens" from Tropica website. You will see the same description had been copied to 100+ other websites. Yes, it is word for word the same and you can search this exact sentence on Google with brackets to get list of exact match websites with same word for word description: "Staurogyne repens is a fresh green, compact and hardy plant for the foreground of the aquarium and it was found in River Rio Cristalino in the southern Amazonas."

At Aquarzon, all plant profiles (PH, water temperature, growth rate, min lighting conditions), descriptions and aquascaping tips on our online store were uniquely written by us to provide valuable insight to you. It was based on our hands-on propagation experience, long-term observations and research which took way more than 2500 working hours. We have experience growing them in different water conditions including unheated cold water, warm water, acidic water and also alkaline water. Some were grown in different variables such as Seiryu / Yingshi aquarium rocks that increased water hardness and aquarium driftwood increasing acidity for example. We also experimented intense light, moderate and low light conditions for most plants. Besides observing growth pattern, we also observe correlation with algae growth etc.


For aquascaping, we have actual experience and have been a participant at The International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest 2020 organised by ADA Japan. Our aquascape was ranked top 1000 in the world and top 15 in Australia. Our experience enables us to write value-adding aquascaping tips for plant descriptions in our online store and also enable us to create suitable custom plant packs based on their desired aquascape theme for our customers.

We have hands-on experience for everything we offer from tropical aquarium plants to aquarium supplies including CO2 regulators. For aquarium plants, we tested what is best to create ideal conditions for particular plants. This can help you if you need tips on how to create optimal conditions for some particular plants such as Bucephalandra, Anubias and Java Fern. For aquarium supplies such as the aquarium stainless steel meshtweezers and aquarium curved wave scissors, we have tested them all ourselves. We also experimented different aquarium super glue gel and aquascaping tools etc. This helps us to get you long-lasting, excellent aquarium supplies and aquascape products. 


We have come across countless occasions whereby even simple aquarium moss like Peacock Moss and Christmas Moss are misidentified and mixed up. This affects not just mosses but also other plants. We came across young Anubias Pinto being sold as Anubias White. We have also seen Bucephalandra Green Skeleton King sold as Dark Skeleton King (they are actually 2 different types). Sometimes, they can be accidental and sometimes they can be intentional to artificially inflate its value which is unfair for customers. 

This is why at Aquarzon, we take maintaining the authenticity of a plant seriously. We spent a lot of time, effort and research to do our best to maintain the authenticity of our stock.  As an example, we spent around 1 year observing the growth of our Anubias White stock to ensure that they do not grow large like Anubias Pinto. After 1 year of observation, we only then offer the Anubias White after being able to confirm that. We did the same with many plants including Micro Java Fern, Mini Java Fern and certain rare Bucephalandra. In the case of Flame Moss and Native Flame Moss, besides 1 year of our own observation, we even sent away specimens and asked for 3rd party observations from multiple hobbyists.

All of these takes a lot of time but it helps improve the accuracy and develops the authenticity of our plants. As hobbyists ourselves with customers at heart, we put you as a valued customer and the authenticity of our plants above profit. While we do not claim perfection for every single plant, we do our very best in this area. Many people might not realise it but when we suspect some mosses had been mixed beyond positive recognition, we sometimes just discard them entirely. As customers come first before profit, we are willing to sacrifice them for the benefit of our customers.


The huge majority of live aquarium plants available in our online aquarium shop here are grown submersed indoor using mostly high tech aquarium hardware. This is a huge advantage as you do not have to suffer the mess and secondary problems (algae issues that occur after) of transitional melting issues which affect certain emersed grown aquarium plants.

The melting problem mentioned above occurs when the plant transitions from emersed to submersed state, a process that can take several weeks. During this process, plant leaves melt and decay which is not only unsightly but also leaving behind organics and spiking phosphate levels in your aquarium tank. Elevated organics levels and excess phosphate/nutrient imbalance can lead to secondary problems which are algae issues including BBA and green hair algae. In newer tanks, decaying plants can also raise ammonia which is harmful to freshwater fish and invertebrates such as shrimps.

The above explains that given a choice, submersed aquarium plants are almost always better than emersed or tissue culture aquarium plants when it comes to the transitioning aspect. Instead of spending days or weeks watching tissue culture of emersed plants melt as they transition, you could just plant submersed grown aquarium plants into your aquarium and enjoy watching them grow nicely without that melting mess.

However, even though most aquarium submersed grown plants transition better for customers, most commercial growers put a heavier priority on growing emersed style. This is because the emersed growing method has a much lower cost as growing emersed outdoor uses free natural sunlight and no expensive aquarium lighting is required. There is also no expensive carbon dioxide (CO2) setup and gas required, no aquarium filters needed, much less water and electricity costs etc. Besides the lower cost factor, it also takes way more time and time to grow an aquarium plant submersed due to slower growth rate this way compared to when it is grown emersed. More effort is needed to grow plants submersed as additional work is needed to maintain 24/7 nutrient level balance, water quality and excellent water flow to avoid algae issues, especially under high light intensity.

As true aquarium hobbyists, we put a heavier priority on indoor aquarium-submersed growing method even though it costs us more in time, effort and expenses as explained above. This is because we want to help our customers avoid transitional melting issues. This is why where possible, we try to grow as many aquarium plants as possible submersed in our indoor aquariums/setups.

Growing aquarium plants submersed in aquariums/setups indoor with Co2 system, high tech LED and multiple filters is costly for us. Besides that, it takes us a lot of time and real hard work but we believe in the principle and value of quality over quantity. We really believe that there is no real benefit in getting a bigger bunch of emersed plants which would melt anyway once you plant it inside your aquarium. It is much better to buy a submersed grown bunch that may be smaller (due to higher growing costs) but will end up growing stronger, easier and more rather than melting away in the next few weeks after planting.

By growing submersed indoor, another advantage is that we can ensure our aquarium plants are free from terrestrial bugs and outdoor pests, for example, dragonfly larvae which can prey on freshwater shrimps and small tropical fish/fry.

We do, however, provide tissue culture and emersed stock for certain varieties as there are customers specifically asking for that. Some customers use them for terrariums and paludarium tanks. And there are some customers who may prefer tissue culture aquarium plants to ensure they are totally snail-free.


Aquarzon offers a very comprehensive 100% live arrival guarantee for livestock (live fish, shrimps, snails and crabs). It also includes our voluntary extended guarantee which will be explained below. This protection is designed to be the most comprehensive in the industry to protect your live aquatics purchase (covers guppy, cherry shrimps etc) for your peace of mind as our valued customer.  

Our comprehensive and voluntary extended guarantee covers for parcels lost by courier and even cover for deaths due postage delays caused by the courier which are not covered by the courier. Most other places would waive the guarantee when a parcel is delayed by the courier. However, our protection remains. Our protection even remains when you pick up your parcel after a few hours after it is delivered as long as it is under reasonable circumstances. Most other places have a 1 hour policy but we do not as we understand that you might have important work, extended shifts, night shift etc. We always think of you first as our valued customer before ourselves as long as this guarantee is not abused. Full details on this guarantee can be viewed on our delivery and terms and conditions page.


We try our best to achieve excellence in customer service as we value you as our customer. All Aquarzon customers enjoy quick responses. 99+% of questions are usually replied within 1-24 hours, unless we are halfway packing plants (Sunday & Monday), in the midst of urgent work, sleeping, etc. We usually even reply to emails at midnight, 1am, 2am during public holidays. This includes during Christmas and Easter public holidays.

We are also put heavy priority in reliability with 99%+ orders shipped out on time as scheduled on Monday/Tuesday weekly (unless the post office is closed or special events which we announce in advance on our homepage/social media). 

As true aquarium hobbyists at heart, we are passionate in what we do. For us, customers always come first before profit. We try our very best to deliver joy in the form of carefully packaged high-quality aquarium plants to our customers to help them beautify their aquarium.


Last but not least, Aquarzon implements the concept of Kaizen which is the concept of continuous improvement. This concept which is taught to Australian business graduates, originated from Japan where it is applied in many companies to deliver excellence. This includes Toyota, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Nissan (the top 5 car brands in Australia) and Sony. 

When Aquarzon visited Tokyo (Japan) multiple times, we witnessed the real life results of the application of Kaizen and one of them were the extreme punctuality of their trains. Trains are punctual to the seconds, so often departing within 30 seconds of scheduled time.  It was quite rare for a train to be late by even a minute. This excellence was observed in so many other areas as well. When we returned to Australia, we implemented the concept of Kaizen at Aquarzon. We will always continue to improve for our customers and the aquarium hobby in Australia.

Our KPI / targeted key areas of focus for excellence and improvements are:

1) Responsive customer service and positive experience (99+% reasonable/genuine questions answered within 1-24 hours)
2) High quality, healthy and clean plants
3) Very extensive variety to enable customers to access all types of plants including very rare types (150+ species)
4) Extra careful packaging with multiple layers of protection (3-4 layers)
5) Plant authentication and labelling
6) Quality photos and information written by us based on long term observations, actual propagation experience and research (15,000+ photos done to date, 800+ uploaded)
7) Continuous investment in new plant acquisition from local Australian hobbyists and high tech hardware to expand variety and support quality production
8) Most comprehensive and voluntary extended live arrival guarantee for livestock for customer's protection and peace of mind
9) Reliability (shipping out 99+% of orders on time as scheduled on Monday/Tuesday weekly)


As an added benefit, all Aquarzon plant orders which are $90 and above automatically qualify for free Australia Post Express to help you save cost.

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