"For Your Aquascaping Needs without the pain of Outdoor Pests, Plant Transition Melting Issues & Mess"

We offer 100% Guaranteed Delivery and Express Postage with tracking number to most locations including Melbourne (Victoria), Sydney (NSW), Brisbane / Gold Coast (Queensland) and Adelaide (South Australia). We do not post to Perth (WA).  

95%+ of our live aquarium plants available on our online store here are grown submersed indoor, mostly in our own aquariums. This is a big positive advantage for you as you do not have to deal with the pain of plant melting issues which affect many tissue culture and emersed grown aquarium plants. If you are buying an emersed grown plant from a shop and planting it inside your aquarium, it would likely melt as it transitions from emersed to submersed state, a process that can take several weeks. During the melting process, leaves may turn yellow or brown and die off which is not only unsightly but can also lead to other deeper problems. When the leaves die off, the organics and phosphate level in your aquarium would increase. Excess organics and excess phosphate/nutrient imbalance can lead to algae problems including BBA and green hair algae. 

This is why submersed grown aquarium plants are better for the customer than emersed grown or tissue culture plants as the plant melting transition issue and mess can be avoided. For most submersed grown non-difficult aquarium plants (compared to emersed grown), you can literally plant it in your aquarium and enjoy plant growth next week with basic care instead of watching it melt while transitioning for the next few weeks However, most nurseries choose to grow most aquarium plants emersed and usually outdoor because it is much less cost (free sunlight, no expensive lighting required, no aquarium filter required, no expensive CO2 setup and gas required, much less water and less electricity costs etc). Besides that, tt takes more time for an aquarium plant to be grown submersed as it grows slower this way compared to when it is grown emersed. It also takes more effort as plants grown submersed means a lot of effort need to be to put to achieve 24/7 nutrient balance, water quality and excellent water flow to avoid algae issues, especially under high intensity lighting. Because of all these reasons, you will realise those aquarium plants which were grown emersed by nurseries and supplied to local fish and aquarium shops will usually look not very healthy and start having leaves melting days after you put them into your aquarium. We are true aquarium and aquatic plant hobbyists at heart and fully understand this as we are customers ourselves so we want our customers to enjoy buying aquarium plants and aquascaping them the way they want with minimal pain or mess. Growing aquarium plants submersed in aquariums indoor with Co2 system, high tech LED and multiple filters in every aquarium to produce quality submersed plants is costly for us and takes real hard work, effort and a lot of time but we believe in quality over quantity. There is no real benefit in getting a bigger bunch of emersed plants which would melt anyway once you plant it inside your aquarium compared to a submersed grown bunch which may be smaller (due to higher growing costs) but will end up growing better and growing more rather than melting away in the next few weeks after planting. By growing submersed in our aquariums indoor, another advantage is that we can ensure our aquarium plants are free from terrestial bugs and outdoor pests, for example dragonfly larvae which can prey on shrimps and small fishes/fry. Most of our aquariums are also equipped with UV filters.

You can read about the difference of emersed and submersed aquarium plants in the spec-tanks.com article here which explains that most nurseries grow plants emersed as it is more economical/cheaper cost for them but the plants will have a tough time transitioning with the end user (customer).

As part of our quality process, we also do very frequent cleaning and maintainence of our plants beyond the norm. This includes  frequently checking for and cleaning out (if found) weeds such as duckweed and Utricularia Gibba carnivorous weed which is really hard to get rid of once it enters a customer's aquarium. All this is done to ensure our customers are getting best quality plants without unwanted weeds and mess to deal with.

When it come to rare mosses (as well as other rare plants), we do a lot of research and cultivation observations which enable us to have high accuracy and correct labeling of more than 30+ mosses including difficult and very rare types. We discard unknown mixed mosses to ensure the pureness of each moss is maintained and not contaminated. This is important for customers as you can be sure of exactly what you are getting.

All of our plants that we send are also fully labelled so that you know exactly what you are getting and do not have to deal with the mess of wondering which is which. They are packaged properly with individual zip seal plastics, then protected by either a paper or plastic box so that they will arrive you safely. We provide tracking number after postage with guaranteed delivery. We will also provide you with free plant care and growing advice if you need. If you need aquascaping ideas and plant recommendations, feel free to ask us and we would be happy to help as well :)

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