Order Information

To order, click Add to Cart and proceed to Checkout. Payment can be made by Paypal (supports credit/debit cards), Paypal Pay in 4 and online bank transfer. You can choose based on your preference. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via our Contact Us form or by Facebook Messenger. 

Delivery Information

All orders are posted by Aquarzon by Australia Post Express on Monday and Tuesday weekly from Melbourne, Victoria.

✈️ All orders made on Tuesday to Sunday afternoon are usually posted on the immediate Monday*.

✈️ Orders made on Sunday evening/night or Monday will usually be posted on the immediate Tuesday*.

Please note all orders are packed with 100% care (more info below).

We are unable to do pick ups as we operate on a very tight schedule.
We usually post 200+ orders per month and work overnight. To ensure all orders are packed and posted on time before Australia Post's cutoff time, all orders have to be posted.

*If there is a public holiday like Easter Monday whereby Australia Post office is closed, we would usually post on the next immediate working day when the post office is open. If there is a national/state public holiday stretch (for example, Christmas holidays stretch), we would usually post after the holidays stretch so that orders with live plants/aquatics are not stuck in Australia Post depot over the holidays stretch since Australia Post do not deliver during holidays. This is done in your best interest which is to ensure the plants/aquatics arrive you in good condition. 

If you are within Australia Post Express zones (for example, city/metro areas such as Melbourne City, Sydney City, Brisbane City, Adelaide City), your parcel is estimated to be usually delivered within 1-3 working days after it has been posted out. 

If your address is out of the Australia Post Express zones (for example, out of city/metropolitan areas or in regional areas), your parcel is estimated to be usually delivered within 2-4 working days after it has been posted out. 

In some rare cases, Australia Post can take a bit extra time to deliver due to events such as natural disasters like flood or their own missorting. Please note while we are not able to control Australia Post's shipping time, we will always do our best to package all plants as carefully as possible with multiple layers of protection so that they can arrive safely even if it is delayed by Australia Post.

With our careful multiple layers of protection packaging method, almost all of our aquarium plants (aside from several sensitive stem plants) including Bucephalandra can easily remain healthy in postage for 1 week or more. Our mosses, ferns and Anubias can easily remain healthy in transit for 2 weeks.


✔️✔️ Due to the multiple layers of protection we use, around 99% of our customers receive all plants in healthy condition and this includes some parcels which were delayed by Australia Post.  

For the approximately 1% of customers who had certain sensitive plants arriving in poor condition due to Australia Post's delay, we had fully resolved them (via replacement or refund for those plants) provided that clear photos showing the condition have been provided on delivery day and were genuine cases (not fraudulent/dishonest cases). We will always take care of each and every honest customer.

We will email you the Australia Post Express tracking number and tracking link when it has been posted. If you do not see it in your email inbox, please check your email junk mail section. For customers using Apple emails (iCloud/me emails), Apple may block the emails. In this case, we will get Australia Post to email the tracking number directly to you. Besides that, we will also upload the tracking number and link to your Aquarzon website customer account (under order status) when your parcel has been posted.

Please track your parcel to ensure a smooth delivery. If the parcel is awaiting collection at a post office/locker/PO box or left in a 'safe place' by Australia Post, it needs to please be collected within 24 hours to ensure they are in good condition. Please note that if there are any issues including rare cases of misdelivery by Australia Post and melted plants upon arrival, it needs to be emailed to us (along with photos if applicable) within 24 hours of the parcel tracking status showing Delivered. This is so that we can best assist. If an issue is alerted late to us, it will make it very difficult for us to assist.  


Below is a photo of the parcels we posted by Australia Post Express after 20+ continuous hours (from Sunday overnight to Monday morning) of careful packaging.

When packing, we ensure all plants are labelled with ID for your convenience. We also manually rinse them for cleanliness. We then individually wrapped with multiple layers of protection to ensure they arrive you in good condition. All of these take a lot of time but we do this to ensure the plants arrive you in good and clean condition. ❤️

✔️ Our careful and 5-6 layers protection packaging method enables our plants to remain healthy for the longest time possible. In a rare case of extended delay by Australia Post, most of our plants including mosses, ferns, Anubias, Bucephalandra, etc. (aside from stem plants) can easily remain healthy for 1-2 weeks with our careful + multiple protection layers packaging method.


More photos below of parcels we posted by Australia Post Express:
photo photo


1) Combined Postage Cost & Savings for orders below $90 ✔️

We offer combine postage cost so that you can save. For aquarium plant orders, regardless of whether you buy a few aquarium plants or many aquarium plants, we will cap your Australia Post Express parcel costs at $12.

2) Free Express Postage for orders $90 and above for aquarium plants ✔️ 

Once your order reaches $90 or more for aquarium plants, you will be eligible to select free Express Postage during the checkout process, which is our special offer to you.

3) Very Careful Packaging for Safe Arrival by Aquarzon Team (up to 6 layers of protection) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Our team will pack your order very carefully as we want it to arrive safely to you. We use up to 6 layers of protection for our aquarium plants as we want them to arrive to you in the best condition possible. All aquarium plants are carefully packed by us with moist serviettes then sealed in zip-lock plastic seal bags which provide sufficient moisture and humidity for the plants to remain healthy during postage. They are then protected by additional bubble wrap for physical protection and insulation. They are then packaged with a strong mailing box for external protection. Finally, a satchel is used as a precautionary measure against rain and water damage. On top of that, some sensitive plants are also protected with individual containers as additional protection to avoid leaf breakage. We have used this style of packaging for thousands of our Australian customers with a 99%+ safe arrival rate.

4) Plants Cleaned by Aquarzon Team (Manually Rinsed) ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Our team will manually rinse each plant before packing it into your order. We want to do our best to ensure you will receive clean plants as we understand that no ones like dirty plants. Our priority is to ensure you are taken care of.

5) All Aquarium Plants 100% Labelled (Manually Labelled with Plant ID Names) ✔️

Our team always ensure all plants packed by us are 100% labelled with their names so that it is easy for you to identify and plant upon arrival. We would like our valued customers to enjoy the planting/aquascaping experience upon arrival, not wasting time trying to identify which plant is which. 

6) 100% Guaranteed Delivery Protection by Aquarzon ✔️

We offer guaranteed delivery protection so that you can peace of mind when you shop with us. In a rare case that your parcel is lost by Australia Post, we will send you a new replacement for free. A parcel is considered lost if the tracking status shows the parcel has not been delivered and an investigation by Australia Post confirms the parcel to be lost.

7) 100% Aquarzon Comprehensive Live Arrival Guarantee (for shrimps and fish) ✔️

For your peace of mind, we have a very comprehensive 100% live arrival guarantee covering shrimps, fishes, snails and crabs for your protection. We provide live arrival guarantee for shrimps, fish, etc and all that has to be done is to follow the simple steps of collecting the parcel as soon as possible on the same day it arrives (or latest by 1am next day if you have double shift work), taking clear photos before and after the plastic bag is untied/opened and sending the photos to us immediately. You can read the full Live Arrival Guarantee procedure information on our terms and conditions page.

8) 24/7 Extended Hours Customer Support ❤️ 

We do our best to reply to all reasonable and genuine questions related to aquariums ASAP. We even reply at midnight, 1am, 2am, Sunday, public holidays like Christmas and Easter. 99%+ of emails are replied within 1-24 hours. Usually, the only time we take a bit more time to reply is on Sunday/Monday when are hands are wet in the midst of halfway packing a large load of orders to ship out in time.

We believe in relationships, not transactions. We believe that by helping our customers in this aquarium hobby, everyone grows together.

9) 99+% Reliability ❤️

We have posted out thousands of orders on time even during the 6 pandemic lockdowns in Victoria. Our cut off time is amongst the latest, allowing customers to place their orders on Sunday night which we would post out on Monday. We also worked during Easter, Christmas and all public holidays. The only time which we had irregular posting out dates were during genuine urgent events or when we had to travel interstate for work but we would always place advance notices on our website homepage that we would be travelling interstate to inform early as a courtesy.

As aquarium hobbyists ourselves, we had bought from 150+ sellers before. Many experiences have been good. But there are also many experiences which were opposite. Some delayed posting many times for all sorts of reasons. So we completely understand the importance of reliability.

10) Aquarzon Free Order Scheduling Service & Delivery Request ❤️

As part of Aquarzon's comprehensive service to our customers, we offer free scheduling for your order (up to 1 month). We understand that sometimes you might want to order to reserve some plants for your brand new tank but need to wait for your tank to fully cycle which can take 2 weeks. In such a case, you can just order as usual but let us know approximately when your tank is ready, then we will help you schedule your order ship out date accordingly. For example, you can make your order and payment now and let us know to ship out after 2 weeks. We had also done something similar like this for the Royal Australian Navy whereby the naval officer is out in the sea for an extended period of time.

If you have a specific delivery request to Australia Post, you can type it in the 'Order Note/Message' next to shipping details when you check out. We will help you to write it down or print it on the parcel so that the Australia Post driver can see it. For example, you can type 'please leave at the front door if no one home'. Do note for such request, if Australia Post follows the request to leave the parcel and if unfortunately it gets stolen by someone, there is no reimbursement available as Australia Post consider the delivery request fulfilled and that the theft to be beyond their control since the driver was just following the delivery request. 

Also, just as general advice, your local Australia Post driver might not follow your request exactly all the time depending on circumstances but no matter what, we will still help you to print and paste your request on the parcel as we would like to always try our best for you. Customer happiness is important for us as we truly value you.

Northern Territory (NT) Info

In accordance with NT regulations, if you are from NT and would like to order live fish, etc. you need to apply for the Northern Territory S11 permit first. This permit is free. The form can be downloaded from NT Government website. Once you have filled in your details, just email the form to us and we will help you to fill in our details, fish list, etc. We will then send you the completed form which you need to sign and email to the NT Fisheries. Once you receive their official approval, just forward the email to us and we can proceed to ship your live fish order. We will not charge any fees for form assistance or extra time needed to process the order as long as the live fish order amount is $150+ due to the extra work and time needed to process the order. 

Tasmania (TAS) Info

In accordance with TAS regulations, please note we do not ship live aquarium plants or livestock to Tasmania (TAS). We can only ship hard goods to WA such as aquarium aquascaping tools, super glue, etc. 

Western Australia (WA) Info

In accordance with WA regulations, please note we do not ship live aquarium plants or livestock to Perth / Western Australia (WA). We can only ship hard goods to WA such as aquarium aquascaping tools, super glue, etc.