STAUROGYNE REPENS Foreground Plant - Quality Aquarium Submersed Grown
  • STAUROGYNE REPENS Foreground Plant - Quality Aquarium Submersed Grown
  • STAUROGYNE REPENS Foreground Plant - Quality Aquarium Submersed Grown
  • STAUROGYNE REPENS Foreground Plant - Quality Aquarium Submersed Grown

STAUROGYNE REPENS Foreground Plant - Quality Aquarium Submersed Grown

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  High Quality Control Policy

Indoor Grown, Free from Outdoor Pests & Frequent Health Check

  Safe Australia Post Express Delivery

Plants are carefully packed with 3-5 protection layers for safe arrival

  Manually Rinsed & ID Labelled

Submersed plants rinsed by Aquarzon for cleanliness before shipping & ID labelled for you

  95%+ Plants Submersed Grown with Hi-Tech Lighting & CO2

This costly method helps avoid transitional melting issues that can affect emersed & TC plants

(Information written by Aquarzon based on actual growing experience, observations and research. Please do not copy any information or photos) 

Portion Size :  1 portion sufficiently covers 5cm area
(Usually has around 3-5 stems. For example, it can be 5 individual stems or 3 stems with multiple branches clustered which is still a similar mass amount as 5 individual stems)

Portion Type: 100% Quality Aquarium Submersed Grown, not Outdoor Emersed Grown

Growth Speed   : Medium
Difficulty Level   : Easy
Temperature      : 10-30°C
PH Range          : 5.5-7.8
Min. Light Needs: Low        
Origin                 : South America

Staurogyne Repens is a very popular foreground plant that originates from the Rio Cristalino river,  in the southern Amazonas. 

The stock sold by Aquarzon are 100% aquarium submersed grown which transitions very well to aquarium. 

Most Staurogyne Repens sold in the market are emersed grown or tissue culture which does not transition to aquarium compared to 
Staurogyne Repens which are submersed grown in aquarium. Emersed or tissue culture grown stock can go through melting process when it is planted into the aquarium.

It is an easy foreground plant which is suitable for both low tech and high tech tanks. Due to its low growing habit, many hobbyists like to use it as a foreground plant by grouping together several short stems to form a beautiful cluster that appears like a bush in a forest.

It has a bright green colour tone and can be easily propagated by cutting and replanting.

According to the publication "Rediscovery of Staurogyne repens (Acanthaceae) in the wild after 115 years" (Cambridge University Press), this plant is believed to be extinct for 115 years before being rediscovered in 2021. (credit: John M K- for sharing this publication info/link)

This is one of several plants (like certain Bucephalandra species) which hobbyists might feel is common (which is true in the aquarium trade) but in the wild, is not commonly occurring and can be close to the point of near extinction in its original habitat.

This plant grown by Aquarzon is 100% submersed grown indoor and is very clean, free from weeds and outdoor pests. It is not tissue culture or emersed grown stock which can suffer transitional melting issues when planted in an aquarium. Our indoor submersed grown stock is in very healthy condition and ready to be planted straight in an aquarium.

 Below is a photo which illustrates how it can be used in the aquarium foreground


 Below is a photo showing how a stem of Staurogye Repens usually is. It illustrates how it grows in creeping pattern, making it an ideal foreground plant to cover a base area

Below is a photo taken by us which shows how a portion for sale usually is consisting of usually 2-4 stems which can cover a 5cm base area
In a small tank, 1-2 portions would be good
In a larger tank, around 3-5 portions would be ideal


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