Legal Copyright Notice

Photos and Description

We have spent hundreds of days and thousands of hours photographing and typing the description of our aquarium plants. We believe in doing our best with passion and not doing "copy and pasting from Google" work.

It took a lot of effort, time and hard work. We had to photograph more than 10,000 shots just to get 500+ selected shots that meet our standards for publishing on our website so we appreciate your understanding on why it is important for you to ask us for permission if you wish to share, distribute or use any of our photos in any way.

Our plant description are written by us based on actual experience growing them, knowledge and research. It is provided in good faith for information purposes.

All photos must not be shared, distributed or used in any way without our prior permission.

All descriptions here belong to us and must not be copied, used, distributed or published by anyone without our prior permission.