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Account Registration and Purchase Conditions

By registering an account or making a purchase on our website, you agree that you do not own an online shop and do not sell, resell or supply aquarium plants commercially and also agree that you are not a competitor. Our website here is intended for genuine non-commercial buyers intending to buy for their own personal aquariums for non-commercial purposes. Physical local aquarium retail stores (with ACN) are welcomed to contact us to open a wholesale account for commercial and bulk purchases. 

DOA / Live Arrival Guarantee Procedure & Conditions

Aquarzon offers 100% live arrival guarantee for livestock orders for the protection and peace of mind of our customers. Livestock means live fish, shrimps, snails and crabs.

This guarantee is offered by Aquarzon to ensure that a customer's livestock order arrives alive. Under this guarantee, we will replace or refund any fish / shrimp / snail / crab that arrives dead, provided that the following simple procedures are followed.

For the live arrival guarantee to apply, the customer needs to follow the steps below which is straightforward so that a valid assessment can be made to ensure that this guarantee is not abused:

1) After opening the parcel, check if there is anything not alive while the plastic bag is still unopened (still tied)
2) Take photos of any fish or shrimp etc that is not alive while it is still in the unopened plastic bag
3) Take clear photos of any fish or shrimp etc that is not alive after the plastic bag has been opened
4) Send the photos to us immediately

For example, if the parcel was delivered to the customer's house at 2pm and the customer is back home and able to collect, open and check it at 5.15pm, then the customer needs to send photos of any non-alive fish/shrimp by 6pm.

The parcel must also be collected and opened the same day of delivery as soon as possible. Under normal circumstances, it should be collected and unboxed within a few hours of delivery. This means if the parcel is delivered at the front of the customer's house or to the customer's housemate or to a parcel locker etc at 2pm for example, it should be collected and unboxed by 6pm. 

For the protection to be valid, the latest time for collection and unboxing is by 1am the following day when there is reasonable exceptional circumstances such as double shift morning to night work etc which caused you to be fully unable to collect and unbox it earlier. In such an exceptional case, the parcel must not have been left in a place whereby it could be heated by the sun (such as being in the front of door all day). Such case will be handled on a case by case basis and proof may be necessary to ensure this protection is not abused. It would not be fair if the livestock dies because the parcel was left all day heated under the sun. Our livestock live arrival guarantee is designed to protect our customers' livestock purchase but it should be on reasonable grounds and must not be abused to ensure fairness to everyone. 

Live arrival guarantee as it clearly states, is about live arrival (livestock arriving alive). It does not cover for any death after it arrives because such death can occur due to the customer's own aquarium water conditions which we do not have control of. For example, if the customer's aquarium contains substances such as copper, it can cause shrimps to die (copper can be present from dechlorinated tap water and can be toxic to shrimps). Or if the shrimps or some fish are not slowly acclimatised using the drip-feed method to the customer's tank which is new for them, they may get stressed and passed away after because of that which we have no control of.

Once again, the purpose of the live arrival guarantee is to reasonably protect, but it is not to be abused. This is to ensure fairness for everyone.

Price Condition

While Aquarzon.com does its best, there may be occasions where unforseen errors may occur that may occur due to software system issues or beyond. In the case an order involving any item incorrectly priced (for example, a $15 item processed as a $1.5 item due to system glitch), the correct payment needs to be made before it can be posted out. If the correct price is not paid, you can choose to cancel that particular product from your order and Aquarzon.com will refund you the price you had paid for that particular product.

Stock Status Condition

Due to the fast turnover and highly variable conditions of live and perishable products such as plants, Aquarzon.com cannot guarantee the exact stock status or quantity at a sudden point of time. Therefore, there may be some cases the system might still be showing "In Stock" status but the product might have just ran out. In this case, Aquarzon.com will offer you the opportunity to change to another product of equivalent value or to get an equivalent refund. You can also choose to the backorder option if the option is available.

Issue Condition

Aquarzon.com will always try its best for its customers. Customer satisfaction and happiness is Aquarzon.com's priority. In any rare case of any issue including order, product, service and delivery issues, you agree that you will communicate to us and provide us the opportunity to provide a solution. Aquarzon.com will offer a reasonable and fair solution to fix the issue and you agree to be mutually understanding and fair in getting the issue resolved amicably.

Photos Condition

A plant's appearance and condition can constantly change as time passes due to many aquarium variables that can change including variable temperature caused by changes in seasons and weather. Therefore, you agree that you understand that it is not viable and not reasonable for Aquarzon to continuously take photos of every single plant for every single week and update them on all 100+ product listings for every single week. As such, you agree that you understand that the photos displayed on this website may be past photos or a mix of past and present this is to serve the purpose as a general reference of the particular plant or product.

Security, Privacy and Communication Conditions

For security and privacy reasons, you agree that all communication, data and information between you and Aquarzon.com must be kept private and you will not distribute, share to any third party or post in public. Aquarzon.com completely respects every customer's privacy. If there is any unfortunate issue with an order, just communicate to Aquarzon.com and rest assured Aquarzon.com will make it a high priority to get on it to resolve it.   


While Aquarzon.com has spent and continuously spends a lot of time and effort preparing the information provided on this website based on actual experience, knowledge and research, it does not provide any warranty on the information provided due to the fact that every tank condition is different and the huge amount of variables involved. 


By registering an account or making a purchase on our website, you agree that you have read, fully understand and agree to all terms and conditions listed above.