Bucephalandra are attractive hard leaf aquarium plants that can be cared and propagated in the same way as Anubias. They come in many varieties with different leaf patterns, sizes and colour tones. The Bucephalandra grown by Aquarzon for sale online is fully aquarium submersed grown in Australia except for a few varieties which are emersed grown. Most are aquarium submersed grown over a long period of time between 1 to 2 years. Some have even been grown by Aquarzon for over 4 years. Buce are stunning rhizome plants which can grow a wide variety of coloured leaves depending on its species. Aquarzon has a wide variety of beautiful Bucephalandra of different leaf shapes, sizes and colours. When Bucephalandra are submersed grown, they rarely melt unlike emersed grown Bucep when being transitioned into a new aquarium tank. These Australian grown Buce are best used as a special highlight plant in the foreground or midground region of an aquarium aquascape. 

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