Media Enquiries

For all media enquiries, feel free to contact us 

Aquarzon can provide written media comments/insights on aquarium and aquatic plant topics. Our written media comments/insights are backed by years of hands-on propagation experience, research and long-term observations. 

We specialize in more than 150 aquatic plants including unique and rare species. Our specialized work is recognized internationally. 

Please note we can only provide written media comments and insights only to accredited media journalists/editors or established news/media websites. 

When contacting us, please state your full name, department and company name.


Aquarzon does its own aquatic plant photography and write-ups based on years of propagation experience, long-term observations and research.

We have a catalogue of 15,000+ unique photos taken by us. Around 800+ photos have been shortlisted and uploaded on our website here as well as on Instagram.

We can supply certain photos including exclusive photos to accredited media agencies.

Our work is recognised internationally. Aquarzon has won multiple international awards. In 2022, Aquarzon had been nominated internationally for Pet Products and Services Awards 2022, of which Aquarzon won the award, 'Best Aquatic Pets & Aquarium Plants eTailer 2022 - Australia'.

Aquarzon has also been invited by Redfin Corporation (billion-dollar US public listed real estate corporation) to provide insights/comments on aquarium topics, etc.

Whether you are an editor or journalist from National Geographic, BBC, CNN, ABC News, 9 News, 7 News, BBC, The Guardian, etc., we can assist in providing written insightful media comments on any aquarium and aquatic plant topics.

This includes, but is not limited to:

A wide range of aquatic plants
Rare and prized aquarium plants
Aquarium fish
Aquarium shrimps
Aquarium hobby and trends
Aquascaping as an art
Environmental sustainability and ecological impacts related to aquatics
Algae in aquariums
Aquariums at home and in office