About us

Aquarzon specialises in the propagation of 150+ aquarium plant species, especially rare and unique species. We implement a quality-first approach in everything we do via hard work, effort and time. We have completed more than 5000 orders to date (including more than 300 customised aquarium plant packs).

We are based in Melbourne, Victoria and post on Monday and Tuesday weekly by Australia Post Express.

⭐ We work very hard to produce and deliver quality 150+ aquarium plants that include more than 80+ unique and rare types.


✔️ All of our plants are carefully packaged by our dedicated team with up 6 layers of protection and individually packaged with ID labels to ensure safe arrival and easy plant identification upon arrival.

✔️ Besides offering a wide variety of rare and special aquarium plants, we do our own plant photography and write-ups based on years of propagation experience, long-term observations and research (more than 2500 hours of work).

✔️ We have taken more than 15,000+ unique photos and around 800+ have been shortlisted and uploaded on our website here as well as on Instagram.


Our work is recognised both internationally and nationally.

⭐ Aquarzon won the award 'Best Aquatic Pets & Aquarium Plants eTailer 2022 - Australia' under the Pet Products and Services Awards 2022. The award selection process is handled by a panel of judges who assesses based on excellence in customer service, market leadership, innovation, dedication to the field and commitment to the provision of high-quality products and services.

⭐ Aquarzon also won the award 'Aquarium Plants and Accessories Retailer of the Year - Australia' under the Innovation & Excellence Awards 2022. 
Besides that, Aquarzon has been nominated by the committee team for I Success Awards in Venice. I Success Awards is a global awards event recognising business excellence. This event's partners are Forbes and other large media agencies.

Aquarzon has also been invited by Redfin Corporation (a billion-dollar US public listed real estate corporation) to provide comments on aquarium topics.

Our aquatic plants are widely used including at Sealife, government schools, offices and thousands of homes across Australia. 


Our original specimens for rare plants are sourced locally from over 200 Australian hobbyists throughout many years. After obtaining them, we perform quarantining, treatment if necessary and cleaning. We then schedule photography sessions and initiate long-term observations.

For many plant species, we took 100+ photos per species (around 10% are shortlisted and uploaded to our listings). All observations are noted down along with our research and photos which are then periodically updated on our website plant listings.


❤️ Our main aim in doing all the steps above is to help our customers which we value very much. By providing quality information and photos, we can help our customers know what suits best for their aquarium tanks. By performing initial quarantining and cleaning, it would help our customers avoid pest issues and other problems.

We put top priority on customer service, experience and communication (you will receive an order confirmation email, prompt tracking number email update etc - do check the junk email box in case any of these important emails land there).

❤️ All of our customers can also enjoy the '15 Points Aquarzon Experience' which is described in detail at the bottom of our homepage. It includes message responses even during midnight, 1am, 2am, during public holidays including Christmas/Easter/Anzac, 2 ways manually-cleaned plants, 5-6 protection layers individual packaging method with ID labels printed, 90+% aquarium-submersed grown plants (instead of emersed which can encounter melting issues), extra comprehensive and voluntary extended live arrival guarantee for livestock, reliability (99+% orders shipped out in time as scheduled on Mon/Tues), etc.


❤️ Our client and customer base cover all segments of the community. This includes The International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest (IAPLC) Australian contestants, admins of Australian Aquascaping groups, doctors, veterinarians, biologists, senior aquarists, dentists, lawyers, top executives/directors (including from Australia's largest investment bank), frontliners (from Royal Melbourne Hospital, Liverpool Hospital etc), army (Royal Australian Navy), Australian Government - Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment - Australian Antarctic Division, NSW Government Department of Education, office staffs, tradesmen, university staff (University of Melbourne, etc.), students and others.

In short, we service all aquarium hobbyists from all walks of life and understand all varying needs. Whether a client/customer needs a unique aquarium tank featuring rare aquarium plants at home or a collection of easy plants for their nature-style office tank, we have an extensive range of plants to cater for specific needs.

Aquarzon believes in delivering more than just aquarium plants. We believe in delivering beyond quality aquarium plants and this includes expertise and knowledge in rare plant propagation, aquascaping, algae treatment and shrimp care. This is reflected in every plant and shrimp description that we wrote based on cultivation process experience, long-term observations and research which easily took more than 2500 working hours.



Passion and Dedication for our Customers

It is without any doubt that we are truly passionate and dedicated to our customers. We love our customers, aquatic plants and the aquarium hobby.
- Speed & Responsiveness - 95%+ questions including complex questions are answered in less than 12 hours
- Continuous Care - Even months after purchase, we would still provide free advice, recommendation and- tips for our customers including on how to care and propagate aquarium plants, handle algae issues etc when requested
- Guaranteed Delivery - We provide guaranteed delivery protection which you can read about on our Delivery Information page

Quality & Excellence

Quality Plants & Excellence in Service

We work very hard to produce quality and healthy aquatic plants. We also grow many rare, uncommon and special types of aquarium plants so that we can offer our customers a wide variety of plants for their specific aquascaping and collection needs. 

From the dedicated caring of our aquarium plants to the photography of rare and special aquatic plants, we spend a lot of effort and time to achieve excellence for quality.

100% Actual Customer Reviews / Feedback

The plants arrived super quick and I can't thank you enough for your generosity! They are the healthiest plants I have ever seen... and I've bought a lot of plants in my time! I only wish you sold fish too! Haha :)
Jason C, Melbourne

Thank you for the well wrapped and generous package. I appreciate the care taken, bonus items and am now looking for suitable places to locate it all. Many kind thanks”
Bryan M, Sydney

Hi there! Everyone arrived today, all the shrimp are doing fine and look stunning even for tiny little guys, the endlers are also looking amazing, right out of the box the males had some beautiful colour. Thank you so much for the surprise extra endler and the mosses as well, your packaging is great! Really happy with everything I'll definitely be keeping an eye on your listings in the future."
Emma W, Melbourne

"I stumbled across Aquarzon.com one night while searching for moss for my new aquarium and was immediately impressed by the information given for each plant as well as the amazing quality photos of HIS OWN AQUARIUMS! I contacted with a few questions and he responded within an hour or so and we struck up a conversation about the different mosses I was interested in. At this point there was no commitment to buy, yet he was helpful and informative way beyond what was expected. I just received my second purchase of some rare mosses and Anubias. I could not be happier! The care and attention to the quality of the plants and packing shows how much of a true aquatic botanist he really is and clearly does not just do this to sell plants. Looking forward to many more purchases in the future”
Danny S, Brisbane