Aquarzon has been nominated internationally for Pet Products and Services Awards 2022, of which Aquarzon won the award 'Best Aquatic Pets & Aquarium Plants eTailer 2022 - Australia'. 

The award selection process is handled by a panel of judges who assesses based on excellence in customer service, market leadership, innovation, dedication to the field and commitment to the provision of high-quality products and services. ✔️

Aquarzon was also awarded 'Aquarium Plants & Accessory Retailer of the Year' by CorporateLiveWire under the 2022 Innovation & Excellence Awards. 


Aquarzon has also been nominated and invited to I Success Awards Gala 2022 in Venice, Europe, of which the award event partners are  FORBES, Fashion TV, London Daily, Yahoo News, CBS and Fox News.

According to I Success Committee representative, Aquarzon's selection was done based on business excellence, highest standards of ethical conduct, integrity and social responsibility.