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Whether you need a low tech or high tech plants mix, Aquarzon can customise the ideal pack for you. We can provide foreground, midground and background plants which suit your tank based on your desired budget and aquascape preference (natural rainforest, nature aquarium, Dutch aquascape, low tech and others).

Budget: $120

  High Quality Control Policy

Indoor Grown, Free from Outdoor Pests & Frequent Health Check

  Safe Australia Post Express Delivery

Plants are carefully packed with 3-5 protection layers for safe arrival

  Manually Rinsed & ID Labelled

Submersed plants rinsed by Aquarzon for cleanliness before shipping & ID labelled for you

  95%+ Plants Submersed Grown with Hi-Tech Lighting & CO2

This costly method helps avoid transitional melting issues that can affect emersed & TC plants

About Aquarzon's Special Customised Plants Pack

This is a special listing for a customised plant pack based on your budget and needs.

Just select your budget and when you check out, just type your aquarium tank size, whether it is has CO2 or no CO2 and aquascape preference into the Order Note/Comment section (it appears near the Shipping Address section during checkout).

After ordering, you can also message us your tank photo if you like (optional).

We will read your notes
Then, using our years of expertise and wide range of high-quality, true aquatic plants,
we will
customise a plant pack specific to your selected budget and needs.

This will help you get the ideal/very suitable set of plants to help create the beautiful aquascape you desire.

What are the advantages?

Through Aquarzon's many years of experience propagating 150+ aquarium plant species, we know the detailed characteristics of every plant from the easiest to the most difficult, most common to the rarest.

We can use our knowledge to help pick plants best suited to your tank based on your aquascape preference.

For example, if a customer has a low-tech tank but would still want some red plants to give some contrast, we know exactly which red plant species that can still thrive in their tank. Some red plants would struggle in low-tech tanks while some can still thrive. So making the right selection is important.

Besides assessing suitability, it is also about the technique of achieving harmony, blending, gradient, depth and some contrast to create a beautiful aquascape. We can use our expertise to help achieve that.

We have done 500+ customised mix plant packs, and our quality aquarium plants are widely supplied to homes, offices, government schools, dental clinics, and attractions like Sea Life. 

Aquarzon's advantages which you can enjoy are:

1) Aquarzon's team will manually rinse your plants for cleanliness before packaging and shipping to you

2) Aquarzon will carefully package your plants with 4-6 layers of protection to ensure safe arrival

3) We will also individually label your plants for your easy identification convenience upon arrival

4) 95%+ of Aquarzon's plants are quality aquarium/high-tech submersed grown, not emersed outdoor grown which can cause transitional melting issues when put into your aquarium (which then lead to ammonia issues, dissolved organics spiking which can then lead to algae outbreaks)

5) We guarantee our plants are 100% free from predatorial dragonfly/damselfly nymph as all of our plants are quality-grown indoors. These nymphs are ferocious outdoor pests which will hide, hunt and eat your fish/shrimp once they enter your aquarium. They are common hitchhikers that can come from commercial nurseries/shops growing plants outdoors (such as outdoor ponds) due to much lower growing cost (sunlight is free).

To ensure the safe delivery of our plants to you, we use our method of 4-6 layers of protection which provides comprehensive protection. This includes moist serviettes, plastic container (for sensitive plants for additional protection), zip seal plastic, bubble wrap providing temperature insulation, hard shipping box for physical protection & water-resistant satchel or similar.

Almost all of our plants are also aquarium submersed grown to minimise any transitional melting issues (emersed or tissue culture plants usually suffer melting issues when planted in aquariums which can raise organics and ammonia levels, leading to algae issues which are dreaded especially in new aquariums.

Elevated ammonia can also harm fish and shrimp while melting leaves can encourage growth of BBA algae, hair algae, etc.). We want to give you the best start to a healthy aquarium so almost all of our plants will be quality aquarium submersed grown (it has much higher growing costs for us but it will significantly reduce any potential mass transitional melting issues which is not good, especially for a new aquarium).

Growing plants indoor aquarium-submersed costs much more than outdoor emersed grown (that most commercial nurseries/shops do due to much lower cost and free sunlight) but we always prioritise quality over quantity for real, long term benefits.

It is essential for you to get a good start because once something goes wrong (for example mass algae issues or outdoor predatorial pest enters your aquarium), the long term effect can be very costly. So much time will be lost, more money gone trying to fix the issues and more pain instead of enjoyment. We have a customer who shared with us the pain on how she lost hundreds of dollars of fish and lost so much time because she had to strip the tank to be able to remove all damselfly nymphs that hitchhiked from plants she bought from another place.  

We prioritise quality over quantity and want our customers to have the best start for their aquariums (no mass algae issues or outdoor predatorial pests that wreak havoc, etc).

What tank info should I provide?

When you checkout, in the Order Note/Comment section, just write some essential details about your aquarium tank as below:

1) Your tank size (liters or dimensions)
2) Low or High Tech (whether you have Co2 or no Co2 added)
3) List of current plants in your tank (optional)
4) Type of Aquascape you desire or like to achieve (below are some examples)

(Optional: You can also send us a photo by of your current tank/hardscape if you like from the Contact Us page or by replying to the Order Confrmation email once you have placed the order)

Here are some aquascape types which we can focus on:
- Nature aquarium / Rainforest and jungle aquascape (most popular)
- Dutch aquascapes
- Low-tech plants aquascape
- Japanese Iwagumi
- Island-style aquascape
- Moss scapes, mountainscapes, Avatar-style scapes
- Unique / uncommon plants-oriented aquascape 
- Aquatic and semi-submersed part of terrarium and Paludarium
(aquatic part of Exo Terra terrarium, Dooa terra base, etc.)

(If you are not sure what aquascape you would like, no worries. At the very least, just let us know your tank details like size (liters), whether it is low tech/high tech and we can customise a nice, mixed variety plant pack that will give a natural and beautiful appearance to your tank. If there is no Order Note/Comment left for us, we will prepare a mixed variety plants pack just following the selected budget).  

Which is the right budget for my tank?

We will provide you with the right plants that will match your budget. In most cases, we would provide even more. For example, if your budget is $150 and you had paid $150, most likely when we customise and pack your plants pack, there would be around $170-$180 worth.

What we do recommend is to set the right budget for your aquarium. 

To estimate, a budget plant is usually $15 a portion. For example, Christmas Moss around 6x6cm portion is $15, Anubias Nana Petite foreground plant 5-7 leaves is $15, Needle Leaf Fern 10+ leaves is $15, a bunch of stem plant of 6-10 stems is around $10-15. So a $150 plants pack can get you around 10 different types of budget plants if you specifically want every portion to be different. In some aquascapes for example jungle and rainforest theme, it is necessary to have multiple portions of a certain plant such as Peacock Moss or Christmas Moss because you need sufficient coverage to create the natural effect. So a $150 plants pack might get you 5 plant types X 2 portions each.

If you
 want a stunning aquascape with some rare and unique plants to be included in your pack as special feature/highlight plants of aquascape, then a budget of $150-$300 or more would be necessary as 1 rare and unique plant might already cost $30+.

______________ ______________ ______________

Here are some examples and a general budget that suit:

Rainforest/jungle/natural theme aquascape custom plants pack for a new aquarium that currently has little or no plants.
We can provide different plants for all regions (foreground, midground, background, floating)

Nano and small aquarium (Up to 40L) : budget $120
2 feet medium aquarium (60L-100L) : budget $150-$225
3 feet large aquariums (140L-160L): budget $250-$300
4 feet large aquariums (200-250L): budget $350+

LOW TECH PLANTS AQUASCAPE (excellent for low tech tanks)
This is perfect for low tech tanks that do not have CO2. We will help select plants suitable for low tech based on your tank needs. This can include a mix variety of beautiful mosses for a natural effect, stem plants suitable for low tech, hardy ferns, easy Anubias, etc. The budget estimation for this would be similar to the above estimation.

Dutch aquascape primarily uses a mixed variety of beautiful stem plants of various colours (different tones of green, red, purple, pink, orange) and some complementing plants like Vallisneria and carpeting plants

Small and 2 feet medium aquarium (Up to 100L) : budget $120-$140
3 feet large aquariums (140L-160L): budget $150-$175
4 feet large aquariums (200-250L): budget $200-$250

Japanese Iwagumi aquascape uses a large quantity of usually one main carpeting plant to create a simple but aesthetically beautiful green carpet scenery. 
Micranthemum Monte Carlo carpeting plant is a great primary plant and can be complemented with Japanese Dwarf Pennywort and/or a medium growing plant species like Dwarf Blyxa Japonica/Dwarf Chain Sword. It is also possible to use Staurogyne Repens.
Multiple portions of the primary carpeting plant is needed for coverage.

Small and 2 feet medium aquarium (Up to 100L) : budget $120
3 feet large aquariums (140L-160L): budget $150
4 feet large aquariums (200-250L): budget $200

 A variety of different plants to enhance or fill up some space in a currently planted tank
8 varieties of different budget plants (1 portion per plant) : budget $120
5 varieties X 2 portions each variety (total 10 portions): budget $150


Around 8-9 rhizomes of small leaf varieties (each rhizome has around around 5 leaves): budget $120
Around 16-17 rhizomes of small leavarieties : budget $225

Around 5-6 rhizomes of medium to larger leaf varieties (each rhizome has around around 5 leaves): budget $120
Around 10 rhizomes of medium to larger leaf varieties : budget $225

*Note: There would usually be a minimum of 5 different varieties so if it is 10 rhizomes for example, it can be 5 varieties X 2 rhizomes for example 

Mix varieties of budget mosses & fissidens
8 portions total = For example, 2 portions Christmas Moss, 2 portions Peacock Moss, 1 portion Rare Giant Willow Moss, 1 portion Rare Cameroon Moss, 1 portion Flame Moss, 1 portion 'US Fissidens': 
budget $120
(this is estimated based on the price of $15 per portion of a budget moss so $15 X 8 portions = $120)

Mix varieties of uncommon/special/rare mosses including uncommon/rare fissidens
around 5 types, 1 portion for each type: budget $125
around 10 types, 1 portion for each type: budget $250
around 5 types, 2 portion for each type: budget $250

Mix varieties of ferns including less common/rare types
around 5 types, some with multiple portions: budget $125-$200

We can even do specialised packs such as:
- a mix pack of native mosses and native plants
- a mix pack of special weeping type of mosses 

We have extensive propagation and hands-on aquascaping experience, as well as more than 100+ types of plants including unique and rare mosses, fissidens, Anubias, Bucephalandra, ferns, foreground, midground and background stem plants.

As such, we can provide you the stock availability, experience and knowledge to get you the best possible plants for your aquascape based on your needs and budget.









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