Improved 3 IN 1 TDS, Thermometer & EC Aquarium Digital LCD Pen
  • Improved 3 IN 1 TDS, Thermometer & EC Aquarium Digital LCD Pen
  • Improved 3 IN 1 TDS, Thermometer & EC Aquarium Digital LCD Pen
  • Improved 3 IN 1 TDS, Thermometer & EC Aquarium Digital LCD Pen
  • Improved 3 IN 1 TDS, Thermometer & EC Aquarium Digital LCD Pen
  • Improved 3 IN 1 TDS, Thermometer & EC Aquarium Digital LCD Pen

Improved 3 IN 1 TDS, Thermometer & EC Aquarium Digital LCD Pen

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Aquarzon will provide 2 X FREE high-quality SONY CR2032 battery (1 pre-installed and 1 for spare) which will lasts you a long time

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Instructions manual included. Ready to use immediately.

This improved version 3 in 1 digital tester pen offered by Aquarzon measures aquarium water TDS, Temperature and EC. It has the advantage of being able to show 2 measurements at once on the LCD screen.  

You are able to view the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) & temperature at the same time.

Or you can choose to view the EC (Electrical Conductivity) & temperature at the same time.

Aquarzon is using this device to test TDS and temperature in planted shrimp and fish tanks from time to time and during water changes. From our experience, this device is overall very reliable and really fast to use. We like that you can view both readings at the same time.

TDS is a very important water parameter measurement especially aquarium tanks with shrimps or sensitive fishes. It is also an important measurement for breeding purposes and for growing aquarium plants.

TDS which stands for Total Dissolved Solids, measures all types of dissolved solids which include the components of water hardness (GH) such as Magnesium and Calcium as well as KH component such as bicarbonate.

In a simple form, TDS is the total dissolved solids of GH + KH + Nitrate + Nitrite + Chlorine + Other Molecular Compounds + Dissolved Organics 

Aquarium fertilisers, dead plant leaves, waste from fish or shrimps, water conditioners, water hardness (GH) and PH / KH buffers all increase TDS which is why it is important to measure TDS.

For planted aquarium plants, Aquarzon recommends the TDS not to exceed 500, preferably less than 400. When TDS is too high, it reduces water clarity and negatively affects aquarium plant growth (as less light would penetrate through the water column which means the plants on the base would have less available light to perform photosynthesis).

For shrimp tanks, we recommend a TDS reading of 100-250. If TDS is too high, it can negatively affect shrimps and shrimps are stressed, it can reduce their breeding rate and affect their immune system. 

For fish tanks, the recommended TDS reading is based on the fish type. In general, the TDS reading should not be too high as it can cause breathing problems and also cause other issues. If you have seen a fish that dried up, you will realise that the body of a fish is mostly containing water. As per the concept of osmosis, the aquarium water with very high TDS will pass through the fish (if the fish has water with lower TDS) until the TDS level equalises. This process affects the fish blood PH and the immune system. When its immune system is compromised and the fish is stressed, the fish is at much greater risk of disease.


- Accurate readings of TDS, EC and temperature. 
- TDS instrument has automatic temperature compensation in measurement mode. 
- Automatically shuts down in 5 minutes to help you save battery.
- Shift button to easily switch between different modes. 
- Automatic memory mode feature which remembers your last mode before it was switched off. For example, if you have set it previously to show TDS + temperature, when you turn it on again, it will show TDS + temperature.

Measurement range: 

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS):0-9999ppm 
Temperature range: 0.1-80.0℃(32.0-176.0℉) 
Electrical Conductivity: 0-9990 μ s / cm
Accuracy: ± 2% 
Material: ABS 
Size: 154 * 30 * 14mm/6.06*1.18*0.55"

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