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RARE TRUE PHILIPPINES FERN - Microsorum Pteropus sp. 'Philippines'
  • RARE TRUE PHILIPPINES FERN - Microsorum Pteropus sp. 'Philippines'
  • RARE TRUE PHILIPPINES FERN - Microsorum Pteropus sp. 'Philippines'
  • RARE TRUE PHILIPPINES FERN - Microsorum Pteropus sp. 'Philippines'

RARE TRUE PHILIPPINES FERN - Microsorum Pteropus sp. 'Philippines'

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(Information written by Aquarzon based on actual growing experience, observations and research. Please do not copy any information or photos) 

Portion Size : 1 plant with usually around 4-8 leaves
If the plant is taller, for example having a height around 15-20cm, it will usually have around 4-5 leaves
If the plant is shorter, for example having a height around 10-13cm, it will usually have around 6-8 leaves)

Growth Speed   : Slow-Medium
Difficulty Level   : Easy
Temperature      : 10-30°C
PH Range          : 5.0-8.0
Min. Light Needs: Low
Origin                 : Philippines, Asia

Philippines Fern is an uncommon, beautiful variant of Java Fern that originates from the tropical Philippines islands, located northeast of Borneo. The unique feature of this plant is the ribbed and hammered pattern on its leaves which is most visible on fully matured leaves. When the leaves are young and growing, this pattern is much less visible.

As it grows to a maximum size smaller than the standard Java Fern, it is widely regarded as a dwarf species in the aquarium hobby. In our opinion, this plant is best positioned in the midground region of an aquascape.

It is unfortunate to know that this is one of those plants that is commonly misidentified in the aquarium hobby and trade. Many ferns sold as "Philippines Fern" are not the true Philippines Fern but actually the standard Java Fern or Narrow Leaf Java Fern. While Philippines Fern does not much show of its unique leaf pattern when it is young, the ribbed and hammered pattern can usually still be slightly visible and this is the easiest physical indicator to tell a young Philippines Fern apart from Java Fern or other ferns. The most solid way to confirm is to wait for the plant to fully mature and if the fern does not show any ribbed or hammered pattern even when it is fully grown, then it is not the Philippines Fern.    

Because many "Philippines Fern" circulating in the aquarium hobby are not the true Philippines Fern, the true variant is actually rarer than expected, a similar case to true Weeping Moss that is having this same situation. We have managed to source the true Philippines Fern and have been propagating it for over a year. Please note that stock availability is very limited as what we have is based on what we can propagate. The age of plant sent depends on availability as it can be from a younger or more mature batch depending on availability. If a younger plant is sent, the pattern would be less visible for the moment but will be more visible when it matures.

Aquarzon has taken closeup photos of true Philippines Fern and hopes this can help hobbyists to be able to able to tell this apart from Java Fern and other ferns.