RARE LUDWIGIA WHITE 1 Stem - Quality Aquarium Submersed Grown
  • RARE LUDWIGIA WHITE 1 Stem - Quality Aquarium Submersed Grown
  • RARE LUDWIGIA WHITE 1 Stem - Quality Aquarium Submersed Grown
  • RARE LUDWIGIA WHITE 1 Stem - Quality Aquarium Submersed Grown
  • RARE LUDWIGIA WHITE 1 Stem - Quality Aquarium Submersed Grown
  • RARE LUDWIGIA WHITE 1 Stem - Quality Aquarium Submersed Grown

RARE LUDWIGIA WHITE 1 Stem - Quality Aquarium Submersed Grown

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  High Quality Control Policy

Indoor Grown, Free from Outdoor Pests & Frequent Health Check

  Safe Australia Post Express Delivery

Plants are carefully packed with 3-5 protection layers for safe arrival

  Manually Rinsed & ID Labelled

Submersed plants rinsed by Aquarzon for cleanliness before shipping & ID labelled for you

  95%+ Plants Submersed Grown with Hi-Tech Lighting & CO2

This costly method helps avoid transitional melting issues that can affect emersed & TC plants

 (Information written by Aquarzon based on actual growing experience, observations and research. Please do not copy any information or photos) 

Portion Size : 1 Stem usually around 10-15cm
Portion Type: 100% Quality Aquarium Submersed Grown, not Outdoor Emersed Grown

Growth Speed   : Slow-Very Slow
Difficulty Level   : Medium
Temperature      : 10-30°C
PH Range          : 5.5-7.8
Min. Light Needs: Medium-High
Origin                 : Asia

Ludwigia White is a rare stem plant that is stunningly different with its very unique white leaves, which is hardly seen on any aquatic stem plants. It is one of the rarest stem plants introduced to the aquarium hobby. Besides the white colouration on its leaves, it can also develop a slightly pinkish tint on leaves near the top of its stem.

It is best used in an aquascape that needs a stunning and unique midground or background stem plant as its special feature plant. Its bright white leaves can create a unique contrast to other green and red plants in the aquarium.

Aquarzon believes in helping customers make the right, informed decisions so we would like to make it clear it will not be easy to maintain its white colour tone in low tech tanks. If a low tech tank has high lighting intensity, it may be possible to maintain some white colour tone but it is not certain.

In high tech tanks with CO2 with high lighting intensity, it usually is a fairly straightforward process for Ludwigia White to maintain its white colour tone and grow new white leaves with a pinkish top.

Aquarzon also recommends hobbyists keeping them to refrain from using any algaecides or Glutheraldehyde (such as Seachem Excel, liquid carbon and BBA removers) when keeping this plant as those can cause it to melt.  In our experience, liquid carbon supplementation which is glutaraldehyde-based such as Seachem Excel at certain levels can harm this plant much easier compared to other stem plants. 

It is commonly known that Ludwigia White is not a very easy plant to grow. To have a good start and to have a much greater chance to do well with this plant, this plant should be purchased as a fully submersed grown stock. If it is emersed grown, it can very easily melt and possibly die off without detailed care. Our Ludwigia White is fully submersed grown which would give you the best start and best chance to do well with this plant.

This plant grown by Aquarzon is 100% aquarium submersed grown indoor and is very clean, free from weeds and outdoor pests. It is not tissue culture or emersed grown stock which can suffer transitional melting issues when planted in an aquarium. Our indoor submersed grown stock is in very healthy condition and ready to be planted straight in an aquarium.



Above photos are how they usually grow in high tech tanks. If grown in medium or lower lighting, it will grow more towards the photo below. Below photo is taken by us, It still looks beautiful.


Photo of a stem growing 2 baby shoots at the base taken by us


Closeup photo of new baby shoots growing below taken by us