6X AQUARIUM SAFE SUPERGLUE (Pure Liquid Cyanoacrylate without Harmful Additives)
  • 6X AQUARIUM SAFE SUPERGLUE (Pure Liquid Cyanoacrylate without Harmful Additives)

6X AQUARIUM SAFE SUPERGLUE (Pure Liquid Cyanoacrylate without Harmful Additives)

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This listing is for 6 aquarium safe superglue (3 grams X 6 = 18 grams)

Its primary purpose of using it to quickly attach mosses, fissidens and plants including Anubias and Bucephalandra to rocks, driftwood, stainless steel mesh and other hardscape objects. They can be used in both freshwater and marine tanks including for corals and frags.

The benefit of using aquarium safe superglue compared to using nylon string to attach is the convenience, ease and speed. It only takes a minute or two to attach a moss or aquarium plant with this while it can take much longer if using nylon string.

It is made of Cyanoacrylate which is an aquarium safe glue ingredient and does not contain harmful additives which can be present in certain superglue.

Cyanoacrylate ingredient in the aquarium superglue is safe in your aquarium tank, unlike silicone glue which needs to be cured/dried first to be safe.

This aquarium superglue has a liquid texture that dries very fast. Just apply a drop (or a few drops if necessary) and hold the plant tight to an object such as rock, wood or stainless steel mesh for around one minute to attach. 

Do note that when it dries up, it can leave a slight white residue and therefore, it would be better for you to use less if possible because usually, a very small amount is already enough to attach moss and aquarium plants. In most cases, the white residue would be covered when the aquarium plants (especially mosses and fissidens) grow over stone, wood etc. Once they start growing over, the white residue would be blocked and hidden by the new growth of the attached aquarium plants.

There are many generic brands that produce the same or very similar packaging but the exact one that Aquarzon sources and offers has been tested to be aquarium safe by us for years in our actual aquariums with live fishes (tested with guppies, Endler's livebearers, Ottocinclus, Siamese Algae Eaters, Spotted Blue Eyes, plecos), shrimps including crystal shrimps, cherry shrimps, pinto and tiger shrimps as well as freshwater crabs and nerite snails.

AQUARZON COMPARISON: Liquid Aquarium Superglue vs Gel Aquarium Superglue

USAGE: When and how should each be used?
Liquid aquarium superglue can only be applied out of water. This means after applying it, you should wait for some minutes for it to dry before putting the object into the aquarium. As for gel aquarium superglue, you can apply it both out of the water as well as underwater.

EASE: Which is easier to use?

The gel version is much easier to use and control as it does not drip since it is much thicker in texture.

COST: Which is cheaper?

The aquarium superglue liquid version is more budget-friendly than the gel version as it has a lower manufacturing cost.

DRYING TIME: Which dries quicker?

The liquid version dries faster than the gel version.

CHOICE: Which do you recommend?

Which Aquarzon recommends would really be based on what you needs are.

If you are planning to apply underwater, only the gel version is suitable for that purpose. If you require more precision and control without dripping issues, then we would recommend the gel version.

But if you are planning to apply and spread over a wider surface area, the liquid version might be better . Or if you are on a tighter budget, then the liquid version would be lower cost. 

Both have their own advantages and which is better depends on your intended usage.

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