NEEDLE LEAF JAVA FERN - Microsorum Pteropus sp. 'Needle'
  • NEEDLE LEAF JAVA FERN - Microsorum Pteropus sp. 'Needle'
  • NEEDLE LEAF JAVA FERN - Microsorum Pteropus sp. 'Needle'
  • NEEDLE LEAF JAVA FERN - Microsorum Pteropus sp. 'Needle'

NEEDLE LEAF JAVA FERN - Microsorum Pteropus sp. 'Needle'

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Portion Size : Around 10 Leaves per portion

(If you are buying multiple portions, for example 3 portions, this means the total will be around 30 leaves.
The 30 leaves may be a clump or may come in separate portions, for example 20 leaves clump + 10 leaves clump.
This depends on what is available)

Growth Speed   : Slow-Medium
Difficulty Level   : Easy
Temperature      : 10-30°C
PH Range          : 5.0-8.0
Min. Light Needs: Low
Origin                 : Indonesia, Asia

Needle Leaf Java Fern is a beautiful, narrow leaves variant of the usual Java Fern. It grows tall and narrow leaves that looks great when left to naturally sway according to water movement. To maximise the swaying effect, it is best placed near an area with higher water movement such as near the filter outlet area. Our favourite use of this plant is to position it more towards the background between hardscapes and to use it to add the jungle and forest natural look to an aquascape.

It is a very strong plant that is very easy to care and therefore, it is a popular choice for all types of tanks including low tech aquariums running low to medium lighting and without Co2 supplementation. It also tolerates a very wide range of PH and temperature.

There are a few very good aquascaping possibilities which we recommend with this plant:

1) To be used as a background plant
It can be placed at a background position where a tall plant is needed. If your tank is relatively high, you can place a rock below this plant to increase its height. If you are planning to do a symmetrical aquascaping effect, then it is best placed in the center as the central focus point. Otherwise, you can put it towards one corner if you are planning to do an asymmetrical aquascape design.

2) To be used to add the jungle and forest look
This plant is the perfect plant besides mosses to add the jungle and forest effect in your aquascape. To do this, a bigger bunch is recommended.

3) To complement hardscapes 
For aquascaping using a lot of hardscapes including rocks and driftwood, this plant can be used to fill in background gaps

Example photos of around 10 leaves portion


Example photos of around 20+ leaves below



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