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Very Rare Rotala Tulunadensis 2 stems - Quality Aquarium Submersed Grown

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  High Quality Control Policy

Indoor Grown, Free from Outdoor Pests & Frequent Health Check

  Safe Australia Post Express Delivery

Plants are carefully packed with 3-5 protection layers for safe arrival

  Manually Rinsed & ID Labelled

Submersed plants rinsed by Aquarzon for cleanliness before shipping & ID labelled for you

  95%+ Plants Submersed Grown with Hi-Tech Lighting & CO2

This costly method helps avoid transitional melting issues that can affect emersed & TC plants

 (Information written by Aquarzon based on actual growing experience, observations and research. Please do not copy any information or photos) 

Portion Size : Around 2 Stems - most stems are usually around 13cm
Portion Type: 100% Quality Aquarium Submersed Grown, not Outdoor Emersed Grown

Growth Speed   : Medium
Difficulty Level   : Medium
Temperature      : 15-28°C
PH Range          : 6.0-7.5
Min. Light Needs: Medium
Origin                 : India

Rotala Tulunadensis is a rare and unique stem plant that is very different from many other stem plants.

Based on Aquarzon's observations, this plant can grow very full leaves or small leaves, depending on its growing conditions. When it is delivered, it can look slightly soft and tired but when giving a fortnight to settle in an aquarium and given the right conditions (needs at least medium lighting level), it can blossom into a stunning and spectacular stem plant that will beautify an aquascape.

Aquarzon is the first online aquarium store to offer this in 2023 and the original specimen was given to us by one of our customers in Australia.

As per our research, this plant is relatively new to the aquarium hobby even globally (introduced globally to the aquarium trade around 2022). We also discovered that there is another Rotala which has some similarities to this plant, which is Rotala Sahyadrica.Aside from that, it is quite different from many other Rotalas. The name Tulunadensis comes from the Tulunadu region in India.

Based on Aquarzon's observations, when grown under strong lighting in high tech conditions, Rotala Tulunadensis can grow leaves with a length of around 2.5cm and width of around 1-1.5cm. Our available stock might be smaller as we do not always grow them with strong lighting as we need to adjust lighting based on our algae avoidance framework plan.

This plant does best with at least a medium lighting level (a higher lighting level is better). The tank should be free from ammonia issues and water flow and nutrients should be sufficient.

Do note that as per earlier information above, this plant can look soft and tired when it arrives. This is normal. When given the right conditions to thrive, after a fortnight of settling into a new aquarium, it can grow very beautifully.

This plant grown by Aquarzon is 100% aquarium submersed grown indoor and is very clean, free from weeds and outdoor pests. It is not tissue culture or emersed grown stock which can suffer transitional melting issues when planted in an aquarium. Our indoor submersed grown stock is in very healthy condition and ready to be planted straight in an aquarium.

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