BENIBACHI JAPAN SHRIMP SUPPLEMENTS- Super Bacteria Bee Max, Fulvic Grain 30g
  • BENIBACHI JAPAN SHRIMP SUPPLEMENTS- Super Bacteria Bee Max, Fulvic Grain 30g

BENIBACHI JAPAN SHRIMP SUPPLEMENTS- Super Bacteria Bee Max, Fulvic Grain 30g

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Selection: Benibachi Super Bacteria Bee Max 30g

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About Benibachi

Benibachi is a leading Japanese brand that produces top quality shrimp food and products. Many shrimp breeders worldwide are using their products.

Benibachi Super Bacteria Bee Max 30g

Benibachi Bee Max is a special shrimp tank supplement made with a combination of enzymes and chitosan (double of Bee3) that assist to maintain water quality, promotes growth, colourationand molting of both juvenile and adult shrimps. It prevents shrimps from dying due to unsuccessful molting. It can be used on a regular basis to increase clarity of water or to a point whereby molting improvement is achieved. This product can also promote plant growth in a planted shrimp tank.

This product can be used in a new or existing shrimp aquarium. In a new shrimp tank, use 20 grams for every 75 liters (20 gallons) of water in a tank by spreading a healthy layer under the substrate as this product can help break down shrimp waste to maintain nitrate levels. For existing tanks, use 1 spoon for every 75 liters (20 gallons) of total tank size after weekly water changes (it is best to mix it well in a cup of tank water first).

Benibachi Fulvic Grain 30g

Benibachi Fulvic Grain is designed to adjust water to a pH of 6.0-6.5 and a GH of 4 which is ideal for crystal shrimps. This product can increase activity in shrimp, improve plant growth, the survival rate of juvenile shrimp and breeding rate of adult shrimps. Benibachi Fulvic Grain should be used when you are setting up a new tank or when you observe juvenile shrimp dying or when your shrimp population appears not to be increasing as it should be. It can be added to the filter or sprinkled across the substrate. 30 grams is recommended for a 60cm tank and 60 grams is recommended for a 90cm tank. It can last for up to 6 months.

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