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ZRDR Pro Elite Advanced Dual Stage CO2 Regulator


What's the Difference between Pro Elite Advanced version vs Pro version:

+ Manifold extension blocks can be added horizontally easily so it can be used to supply CO2 up to 10 separate tanks

+ Comes with 1 bonus extension and 2 bubble counters, so it is ready to be used for 2 separate tanks

+ Adjustable CO2 working pressure (via the front control knob)
(Can increase pressure to create finer & better CO2 diffusion or to ensure adequate pressure to support more tanks)

The construction is similar to CO2 Art 
Pro-Elite CO2 Regulator which usually retails for around AU$360 (€219.99) but this ZRDR Pro Elite Advanced Dual Stage CO2 Regulator is much cheaper at AU$195 (around 45% cheaper) compared to that.


Watch the short 2 mins video below to see just how easy it is to install and extend.
The video at 34 seconds mark also shows how to easily adjust the CO2 working pressure:


This version also includes:

+ Dual Gauge

+ Solenoid

+ Glass Metal Bubble Counter with built-in check valve + Bonus Extra (2pcs total)

+ Full Metal Body Construction
(Stainless Steel + Aluminium Alloy)

+ Installation Tool (Wrench), User Guide & Spare O-rings 

+ Australian plug

+ 3 Years Aquarzon Exclusive Brand New Replacement Warranty (offers brand new replacement for core manufacturer defects instead of slow repairs or refurbished units)

100% Original

Fits Australian CO2 tanks including Kegland & Keg King


1) Equipped with Dual Gauge
- A big advantage over the single gauge type
-  Very important for a
voiding accidental CO2 dumping which can be harmful to fish/shrimp
- Displays pressure in your CO2 tank and pressure being sent through to your aquarium
- The meter showing pressure in your CO2 tank can help you know when the CO2 is finishing so that you can preplan in advance on when you need to refill or swap your CO2 tank (this helps you avoid the situation of CO2 supply suddenly running to 0 and you are not having sufficient time to get your CO2 tank refilled or swapped which can lead to algae issues in high tech tanks)

2) Excellent quality and very reliable while being much cheaper than high-end brands (high-end brand of this adjustable CO2 distributor type easily costs AU$360 and some do not have local Australian warranty)

3) Complete with Solenoid, Bubble Counter with a built-in check valve to avoid accidental water backflow which can cause equipment damage

4) Fits Australian CO2 gas tanks including Kegland and Keg King tanks
Aquarzon like these gas tank brands as they offer easy swap-and-go
 service in hundreds of outlets nationwide including at brewery stores and selected aquarium stores

5) With an Australian plug (so no worry of loose adapters, etc.)

6) 100% Original for reliability (Aquarzon purchases the stock directly from the manufacturer to ensure this) 


Protected by Aquarzon 3 Years Exclusive Brand New Replacement Warranty
with Australia Post Express covered

This is an exclusive warranty service whereby if your unit is faulty due to a core manufacture defect, we will replace it for you with a brand new unit and even send the replacement by Australia Post Express and cover all that.

This is way better than all other standard common warranties.
It is so, so much faster and you are getting a brand new unit instead of a repaired or refurbished unit.

For a standard warranty, you need to send the unit back to the retailer/manufacturer. After that, you need t spend additional time waiting for a faulty unit to be repaired. Once it is repaired, the repaired unit is sent back to you by standard post whereby you need to wait quite some time again. Or you might be given a refurbished unit with a risk of a fault repeating again. This can take a long time (easily 3-5 weeks or even 1-2 months if the retailer/manufacturer is overseas)

But for our exclusive warranty, it is designed specially to make it really easy for customers to get them replaced ASAP in an unfortunate case of core manufacture defects (once we receive your faulty unit and determine validity, we will Express Post and once posted, you can get your brand new replacement in usually just 3 working days).

Our process is very easy. After a quick photo/video assessment to help determine validity, you can send it back. We will check to confirm validity and once confirmed, we will then post a brand new unit by Australia Post Express to you.

Everything can be settled in just days. And yes, you are getting a brand new unit. No
t refurbished and not repaired unit but 100% brand new. 

It is important to understand that when you are spending on a CO2 regulator, warranty service is important.

Buying on eBay or general marketplaces will not get you a 3 years brand new replacement Australian-based warranty with Express service like this. 

We will even post the brand new replacement by Australia Post Express so that it arrives to you ASAP.

It is quite often for the usual standard warranty, it only offers only a repair option or replacement for a refurbished unit. And even if it is not, it is usually posted by standard post. Some are even posted from overseas. All of these take so much additional time.

The repair option is troublesome and very time-consuming. It would take so much additional time with you waiting for the unit to be fixed after sending it back. Also, some brand return centres are overseas so one problem can take months to solve which means your aquarium will have a CO2 addition supply cut off suddenly for months. In high tech tanks, this can start the process of massive algae issues.

As for us, we are fully based in Australia so returns are quick. Our option of replacement for a brand new unit also means you do not need to wait for any faulty unit to be repaired. You save so much time and save your aquarium from the risk of algae issues. Getting a brand new unit also avoids the risk of an unfortunate issue repeating again (unlike a repaired or refurbished unit). 

Aquarzon also extends the warranty period by additional 2 weeks from the purchase date to take into account shipping time and your installation time.

We totally understand that when there is a rare case of a manufacturing defect, it is already inconvenient. So we are here to help it minimise any inconvenience and get it replaced ASAP for you. Our warranty is very reasonable, it covers all core manufacture defects which cause the unit unable to perform its core function of regulating pressure and supplying CO2 to the aquarium tank. It does not cover wear and tear, slight aesthetic issues like small scratches, damages caused by users such as dropping it on a floor, damages by own water backflow intake, disassembly, natural disasters like floods which is totally beyond our control or similar, etc.


Why Choose This

This is highly recommended if you are planning to supply CO2 to more than 1 tank and/or if you prefer to be able to control the CO2 working pressure. 

It already has 2 manifold blocks and 2 bubble counters, so it is ready to supply CO2 to 2 separate tanks. 

The Pro Elite Advanced version which is extendable and has adjustable CO2 pressure always costs more than the usual version. However, the benefit is that if you add more tanks in the future, you can easily add manifold extension blocks to supply CO2 to those additional tanks.

All aquarium hobbyists start with 1 tank. But as time passes, many hobbyists have a 2nd tank, 3rd tank, etc. 

For the extendable Pro type CO2 regulator, this ZRDR Pro Elite Advanced version comes as being much cheaper than CO2 Art's Pro Elite version (around 45% cheaper) while being excellent quality and similar in construction.

Some people would say you pay what you get. To some extent, it is true. But it depends. You can certainly get some better-valued CO2 regulators. This means you can get very reliable ones without paying top dollar.

After a long research on CO2 regulators, we settled on ZRDR and felt it is the right choice. We decided this based on durability, reliability, performance and price. We wanted something that is durable and reliable but still as affordable as possible.

We use multiple units of ZRDR to add CO2 to more than 20+ aquariums/setups.
If they are not reliable, we would not have used them ourselves. 

Aquarzon has been using the ZRDR CO2 for a long time and they have proven to be very reliable. Best of all, it is very reliable while being much cheaper than high-end brands. 

They have been performing very well with no major issues encountered.


This CO2 regulator is also dual gauge which has a big advantage over single gauge types. 

Two-stage regulators have a big advantage over single-stage regulators as they avoid the issue of dumping CO2 gas into the aquariums when carbon dioxide in the cylinder tank is finishing. While this does not affect aquarium plants, it can harm fishes and shrimps including crystal shrimps and cherry shrimps.

With this CO2 regulator, it is easy to monitor pressure through the Internal Pressure Gauge and Delivery Pressure Gauge. You can also accurately adjust CO2 output.

The thread conforms to Australian standards (AS2473 Type 30 W21.8). If you plan to use Australian standard CO2 cylinder tanks such as Keg King and Keg Land CO2 2.6kg and 6kg cylinders, this CO2 regulator will fit in very well once you tighten it properly.


Box Contents:

This comes with full retail box which includes:

Dual Gauge CO2 Pressure Regulator With Magnetic Solenoid Valve
Glass & Metal Bubble Counter (with built-in check valve)
Spare O-Rings
Installation Tools (Wrench)
User Guide

If you need free CO2 high-pressure (4mm inner diameter, 6mm outer diameter) airline hose, feel free to write that down in the Order Comments/Note part and if we have them available, we will give to you free.

All you would then need to set up your CO2 system for your aquarium is just to get the CO2 cylinder tank (Keg King or Keg Land usually sells them for just around $68 for a 2.6kg CO2 full cylinder) and the CO2 diffuser. You can get the stainless steel CO2 diffuser in our other listing.


Low-temperature solenoid valve, corrosion-resistant and long service life
Equipped with dual gauge, clear working status display
Polished, refined, durable stainless steel/aluminium finish
Professional sealing technology
High precision adjustment

Material: 304 stainless steel + aluminium alloy
Model/Thread Interface: Support W21.8
Size: around 17.5cm length (see photo for breakdown of measurements)
Packing weight: more than 500g
Power supply: AC100-240V input and dc12v output

Need CO2 tubing? Just let us know in your Order Note/Message when you check out and we will put in free extra durable high-pressure CO2 tube for you. 







Above is a photo of the extension manifold block (can be added to supply CO2 to additional tanks). This package already comes with 2 of them (to supply Co2 to 2 tanks). But if you need more, you can order additional extensions in the product listing below.

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