Rare Pogostemon Helferi Red Foreground Plant - Quality Aquarium Submersed Grown
  • Rare Pogostemon Helferi Red Foreground Plant - Quality Aquarium Submersed Grown

Rare Pogostemon Helferi Red Foreground Plant - Quality Aquarium Submersed Grown

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Indoor Grown, Free from Outdoor Pests & Frequent Health Check

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Plants are carefully packed with 3-5 protection layers for safe arrival

  Manually Rinsed & ID Labelled

Submersed plants rinsed by Aquarzon for cleanliness before shipping & ID labelled for you

  95%+ Plants Submersed Grown with Hi-Tech Lighting & CO2

This costly method helps avoid transitional melting issues that can affect emersed & TC plants

(Information written by Aquarzon based on actual growing experience, observations and research. Please do not copy any information or photos) 

Portion Size : 1 plant usually around 3-4cm diameter with usually around 10-15 leaves 
Portion Type: 100% Quality Aquarium Submersed Grown, not Outdoor Emersed Grown

The price is cheaper for more quantities. For tanks below 50L, just 1 or 2 is sufficient. For tanks above 50-200L, this plant looks best in a cluster of 3-5 plants. 

Growth Speed   : Medium
Difficulty Level   : Medium
Temperature      : 10-30°C
PH Range          : 5.8-7.5
Min. Light Needs: Medium        
Origin                 : Asia

Pogostemon Helferi 'Downoi' Red is a rare coloured variation of the beautiful compact-growing foreground plant with unique star-shaped leaves. 

Based on our observations, this rare, coloured version has the ability to grow slightly reddish, pinkish and/or whitish tones around the middle part of its leaves.

The colour tones depend heavily on the aquarium conditions it is grown in, with lighting and nutrient levels being the main factors. 

Aquarzon recommends at least medium lighting, sufficient nutrients, especially iron and good water flow for this plant. Nutrients can be provided using aquarium substrate and/or liquid fertilisers. If the aquarium substrate is older than a year, root tabs can be used.

Higher lighting intensity, higher iron and nutrient availability usually encourage the growth of redder leaves.

The Pogostemon Helferi Red listed here is aquarium submersed grown. This helps the transitioning process and helps avoid/reduces risk of melting.

You can be assured that this is the true version as we have both the standard and this version and have spent a long time observing the differences after keeping it long term.


Below are photos taken by us showing the standard Green version. As can be seen below, the standard Green version is just pure green whereas in the Rare Red version above, there is some slight pinkish/ reddish tones at the middle part.




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