Update: Aquarium Plants Wholesale not available until 2023 
Please feel free to message us your physical store name and email address.
When we resume wholesale supply, we will update you. Thank you.


Aquarzon provides live aquarium plants wholesale to retail shops across Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. We can Express Post wholesale aquatic plants to aquarium stores in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia. Unfortunately, we are not able to supply to Perth, Western Australia. 

Wholesale rates are available for local aquarium shops with ACN. We are not able to supply to online shops. 

We specialise in the propagation of aquarium mosses which is highly in demand by customers and therefore, our wholesale aquarium plants are focused on aquatic mosses as below:

Peacock Moss
- Flame Moss
Willow Moss
- Native Stringy Moss
- 'US Fissidens'
- Mini Pellia

We are also able to provide bulk supply of rare aquarium mosses such as:

- Uncommon 'Bushy' Moss
Rare True Weeping Moss
- Rare Taiwan Moss
- Rare Cameroon Moss
- Uncommon Native Mount Glorious Fissidens
- Uncommon Native 'Flame' Moss
- Rare Monosolenium Tenerum
- Very Rare 'Fissidens Fox'
- Extremely Rare Thai Wilow Moss
- Extremely Rare Butterfly Moss 

All of the above mosses are very popular due to its beauty when attached to driftwood, rocks or simply left to grow naturally in a planted aquarium tank. Almost every customer that keeps aquarium shrimps such as cherry shrimps and crystal shrimps, as well as small fishes, would buy aquarium mosses. 

Occasionally, we can also supply other uncommon and rare aquarium plants, for example, Anubias Pinto with white variegated leaves and Anubias Gold with bright lime green to yellow leaves.

We will do the hard work for you to carefully grow and care for them, professionally package them and then Express Post to you for your quick retail sale. Leave the hard work of carefully growing and professional packaging to us, that is where our expertise is.

We believe in long term relationship and will help you to grow your aquarium business.

Aquarzon Aquarium Moss Wholesale and Bulk Buy Benefits

1) All mosses will be packaged in round containers, ready for retail sale

This is excellent as once you receive your parcel, you can display them and sell on the spot immediately. This saves you lots of time and money as you do not need to do any packaging or any work other than to just put them on your display rack/table which literally just takes some minutes.

2) All of our containers are professionally and fully labelled with their individual aquarium moss names 

3) All of our aquarium plants and indoor-grown in aquariums with strict quality controls and are free from outdoor pests such as dragonfly larvae etc and free from weeds such as duckweed

What this means for you is that when your customers are happy with the quality, they will buy more from you and be your long term happy customers.

4) Low MOQ of just 20 portions (spend as low as $145 for wholesale bulk buy)

Yes, this provides you the benefit of being able to spend a low amount and test your market. In our experience, more than 95% of the aquarium shops that we have supplied to had experienced good success with selling these mosses as they are very in demand and can be hard to find and many aquarium shops either do not stock them or are usually out of stock. In fact, you would easily stand out from the competition because we have a very wide range of aquarium mosses for wholesale which even covers rare aquarium mosses which are usually not available for wholesale, so many other shops do not stock them.

5) Enjoy the freedom to mix and match 
For example, you can get 5 Peacock Moss, 5 Willow Moss, some Flame Moss and a few Native Stringy Moss. This provides you the advantage of buying exactly what you need and as and when you need. You are given the freedom to choose any quantity you wish to mix and match as long as it is within the MOQ.

6) Fast service and Australia Post Express delivery available
If we are available and not working interstate, we can usually post your order very fast. After we have posted your order, you can receive it usually within 1-2 business days.

7) Very low maintenance
These mosses can be kept in their containers for easily 2 weeks and even some simple lighting is sufficient for them. 

8) An excellent profit margin
We provide very good wholesale rates as we understand that local aquarium shops need to cover for shop rental, staff and utilities.

If you are interested to stock popular aquarium mosses instead of the overly common Java Moss, feel free to contact us with your shop name and address. We have limited availability each month and priority will be given on a first come first serve basis.

To view the photos of the mosses above, just go to our Budget Moss section as well as our Moss section. Thank you.