About us

Passion and Dedication for our Customers

It is without any doubt that we are truly passionate and dedicated to our customers. We love our customers, aquatic plants and the aquarium hobby.
- Speed & Responsiveness - 95%+ questions including complex questions are answered in less than 12 hours
- Continuous Care - Even months after purchase, we would still provide free advice, recommendation and- tips for our customers including on how to care and propagate aquarium plants, handle algae issues etc when requested
- Guaranteed Delivery - We provide guaranteed delivery protection which you can read about on our Delivery Information page

Quality & Excellence

Quality Plants & Excellence in Service

We work very hard to produce quality and healthy aquatic plants. We also grow many rare, uncommon and special types of aquarium plants so that we can offer our customers a wide variety of plants for their specific aquascaping and collection needs. 

From the dedicated caring of our aquarium plants to the photography of rare and special aquatic plants, we spend a lot of effort and time to achieve excellence for quality.

100% Actual Customer Testimonials

The plants arrived super quick and I can't thank you enough for your generosity! They are the healthiest plants I have ever seen... and I've bought a lot of plants in my time! I only wish you sold fish too! Haha :)
Jason C, Melbourne

Thank you for the well wrapped and generous package. I appreciate the care taken, bonus items and am now looking for suitable places to locate it all. Many kind thanks”
Bryan M, Sydney

Hi there! Everyone arrived today, all the shrimp are doing fine and look stunning even for tiny little guys, the endlers are also looking amazing, right out of the box the males had some beautiful colour. Thank you so much for the surprise extra endler and the mosses as well, your packaging is great! Really happy with everything I'll definitely be keeping an eye on your listings in the future."
Emma W, Melbourne