• MOSS

    Aquarzon propagates more than 40 types of aquarium mosses in Australia including very rare and Australian native types. We have photographed and written the description for every moss based on long term observations and growing experience so that aquarium hobbyists can understand better how each and every moss grows and the best usage of them such as ideal placement of them in an aquascape.

    These live aquarium mosses for sale can be positioned in the foreground, midground or background depending on its growing characteristic and can make an aquarium truly beautiful and very natural looking.

    They are great for aquariums as they host biofilm and infusoria which are natural food sources for fishes and shrimps. Besides that, they also provide a natural shelter for shrimplets, small fishes and fish fry. 


    Aquarzon propagates more than 10 types of fissidens (including Australian native types) which is a genus of moss. These fissidens have such fine, delicate fronds and leaves which can help make a stunning aquascape in a fish or shrimp tank especially when it is being attached to a rock or driftwood. Due to its fine leaves, it can host a rich amount of biofilm and infusoria which shrimps and small fishes can naturally feed on. 

    US Fissidens and Fissidens Fox are highly recommended for their beauty. A native alternative would be Queensland Mt Glorious Fissidens which is a medium size type and Sydney Mini Fissidens which is a very small type, perfect for nano shrimp aquarium tanks,


    Aquarzon propagates several types of liverworts such as Mini Pellia, Riccia as well as rare types such as Dwarf Micro Riccia and Monosolenium Tenerum. Mini Pellia is a beautiful and highly recommended plant for almost any aquascape to give the aquarium a very natural, healthy green appearance especially when attached and grown over rocks and driftwood. Monosolenium Tenerum is great to be used to fill in between gaps to create a natural shelter for small fishes or shrimps while Dwarf Micro Riccia can be attached and used as a foreground mat.


    Aquarzon propagates many types of rare Anubias which are not commonly found in Australia including Anubias Pinto and Anubias White which grow unique, white variegated leaves. Other rare types includes Anubias Gold which sports a bright, lime green colour and Anubias Pangolino which is a very small, dark green Anubias that is much smaller than Anubias Nana Petite. These rare rhizome plants are best used as unique feature plants in an aquarium tank. 


    Aquarzon propagates a wide variety of aquatic ferns including rarer types of Microsorum (Java Fern) such as Thor, Philippines, Fork, Spoon, Mini & Micro Java Fern. Most of these are usually harder to find in local aquarium shops in Australia. Our new ferns are quarantined to avoid Java Fern gall and any other potential issues.

    For fern collectors, rarer types such as Crepidomanes and Bolbitis of dwarf and micro varieties are also available which are great to be used as highlight and feature plants in a planted tank. 


    Bucephalandra are attractive hard leaf aquarium plants that can be cared and propagated in the same way as Anubias. They come in many varieties with different leaf patterns, sizes and colour tones. The Bucephalandra grown by Aquarzon for sale online is fully aquarium submersed grown in Australia except for a few varieties which are emersed grown. Most are aquarium submersed grown over a long period of time between 1 to 2 years. Some have even been grown by Aquarzon for over 4 years. Buce are stunning rhizome plants which can grow a wide variety of coloured leaves depending on its species. Aquarzon has a wide variety of beautiful Bucephalandra of different leaf shapes, sizes and colours. When Bucephalandra are submersed grown, they rarely melt unlike emersed grown Bucep when being transitioned into a new aquarium tank. These Australian grown Buce are best used as a special highlight plant in the foreground or midground region of an aquarium aquascape. 


    The majority of stem plants sold by us are indoor aquarium-submersed grown unless otherwise stated. Aquarium stem plants are aquatic plants which grow roots that need to be planted into substrate or gravel and propagated by stem division. To propagate them, just cut the stems and replant them. Stem plants are popularly used mostly for midground to background sections of an aquarium tank. Most dutch aquascapes use stem plants of various colours including green, orange and red.


    Aquarzon offers a nice variety of foreground plants including carpeting and groundcover plants as well as small-sized plants which are suitable to be positioned in the front region of an aquarium tank. This includes certain types of small mosses which grow compact, relatively small types of ferns, Anubias and Bucephalandra. Rare types of Anubias and small-sized Bucephalandra are great to be used feature plants in the frontal areas while the mosses listed here can be used to either create a nice green lawn or be grown as a compact bush between gaps or over a rock.


    The plants listed here are suitable to be positioned in midground areas of an aquarium. For mosses and small types of plants, they are best grown over a structure such as driftwood or rock so that they are not blocked by other foreground plants. As for stem plants, they can be planted into the substrate in midground areas and left to grow with occasional pruning to maintain the height desired. 


    Aquarzon offers lush and beautiful background stem plants such as Myriophyllum Mattogrossense which is a lush bright green plant, orangey Prosperpinaca Palustris and very red Ludwigia Super Red Mini. Besides stem plants, some ferns are also suitable for background and they can be positioned over a hardscape if they are short. Certain mosses are also ideal for the background especially Flame Moss and Stringy Moss as they grow vertically and will eventually grow tall overtime which makes them look majestic when used as a background plant. While it is still short, it is best for it to be positioned over a structure such as rocks or wood to help with its height. 


    Crypt is considered a low light aquarium plant type that is suitable for low tech tanks. Cryptocoryne are non-demanding and easy to care for, making them suitable for beginners. Most aquarium substrates are fine for them. Crypts are suitable for most aquascapes including Nature Aquarium and jungle/forest-theme aquascapes.

  • MINI

    Aquarzon offers a wide variety of mini and small-sized beautiful aquarium plants which are great as foreground or midground plants in small, nano and shrimp tanks or as foreground plants in medium to large fish tanks. 


    To create natural-looking shadows or differing lighting level in an aquarium, floating plants such as Riccia can be used. A more interesting and beautiful alternative is to use mosses attached to floating rocks which can create a stunning effect in an aquarium. 


    Aquarzon propagates and offers more than 35 rare aquatic plants most of which are not found in local aquarium shops. They can be used to make an aquarium aquascape uniquely different from the masses. Most of these rare plants can be used as special feature plants in an aquarium aquascape. Besides being beautiful, they are also interesting to grow as many have unique characteristics that can be observed during the growing process. 


    For aquarium plant collectors and enthusiasts, Aquarzon offers a wide variety of very rare and extremely rare aquatic plants which are seldom found in Australia which can be used to make an aquarium aquascape uniquely different from the masses. These unique plants are the pride and highlight of an aquarium plant collector's aquascape.


    If you wish to get a nice, mixed variety of plants or a customised plant pack suitable for your aquarium aquascaping needs, this is the place to be. 


    All aquarium plant fertilisers and supplements offered here are made by Aquarzon and are the actual products used to grow the plants propagated by Aquarzon. These aquarium plant fertilisers and supplements have been tested to work highly effectively in growing aquarium plants faster and more lush. The quality and effectiveness of these products can be seen from all the actual plant photos displayed on this website as these plants were grown using these products. We will be starting with PPS Pro system range first before releasing our customised system once final testing is fully completed.


    Aquarzon offers aquarium supplies which we personally tested and used ourselves for our aquariums which include freshwater planted tanks stocked with live fish and shrimp. We offer different useful aquascaping tools such as premium quality curved wave tweezers and scissors to maintain a beautiful aquascape. We also offer aquascape superglue to easily attach mosses and aquarium plants to rocks, driftwood and aquarium stainless steel mesh.


    Aquarzon stocks and breeds uncommon snails and high-quality tropical live fish including uncommon guppies and Endler's livebearers strains with Express Postage in Australia. We only post healthy freshwater live fish. Most of the strains we breed are high-grade stains. The guppy strains we breed include high-grade Blue Moscow guppy, Green Moscow guppy, Red Tuxedo Koi guppy and the rarer Blue Dragon guppy strain. Besides guppies, we also breed Endler's livebearers which are peaceful and small livebearing fish. Most of our aquarium fish are suitable for planted tanks of all sizes including nano, small and large aquarium tanks.


    Aquarzon offers live aquarium shrimps with 100% live arrival guarantee. We breed and stock medium to high-grade Blue Dream shrimps, Bloody Mary shrimps and 24K Golden Yellow shrimps. We also breed Green Jade shrimps which is a more recent variety of Neocaridinas. For caridina shrimps, we keep Crystal Red Shrimps (CRS), Orange Eye Blue Tiger shrimps (OEBT), Blue Bolts and other Taiwan Bees.


    This special category features native aquatic plants which are naturally occurring in Australia. Some plants are endemic to Australia while some are cosmopolitan (naturally growing in Australia and other countries). Whether you are interested in setting up an Australian biotope aquascape or just interested in appreciating the beauty of Australian native aquarium plants, this is the place to be. All photos and information is written by Aquarzon based on long-term observations, research and propagation experience.

  • FOOD

    Buy high-quality aquarium fish and shrimp food with free Australia Post Express for order $90 and above. Tropical guppy/micro fish pellets, shrimp snow food, Indian Almond Leaves, Mulberry Leaves and more available. 

  • CO2

    Aquarium CO2 Dual Gauge Regulator with Aquarzon 3 Years Comprehensive Warranty, bubble counter, CO2 diffuser and more. CO2 significantly increases aquarium plants growth rate and help them grow lusher and more colourful.


    Premium quality stainless steel aquascaping tools and more for your planted aquarium tanks


    All aquarium shrimp-related food, leaves and accessories to improve your shrimp-keeping experience.


    Aquarium filter media, filter bags, magic cleaning sponge for cleaning aquarium glass, glass magnets and more.


    All aquarium water testing tools including digital PH and TDS pen, test strips, thermometer for measuring temperature, etc.


    Low tech plants refer to aquarium plants which are suitable to be grown in low tech tanks. Low tech tanks are tanks which do not use CO2 gas addition and usually has low to medium lighting level. The plants listed in this category below are generally easy and hardier plants which are fine to be grown in low tech tanks as long as the lighting is sufficient and basic care is provided. 

    All ferns, mosses, Anubias, Bucephalandra, Marimo Balls, Subwassertang and floating plants sold by Aquarzon are suitable for low tech tanks. This means even for other ferns, mosses, Anubias and Bucephalandra which might not be specifically listed in this category, those plants would still be suitable for low tech tanks. For stem plants, the ones suitable for low tech tanks are listed below. 


    Tissue culture aquarium plants are aquatic plants which are cloned in lab settings and free from all pests, snails and are considered sterile. They are sent in tub(s). The advantage is that each tub contains many individual small plants. The disadvantage is that tissue culture plants can encounter some melting when they are transitioning to aquarium conditions.


    This category are for plants and springtails which are generally considered suitable for paludarium and terrarium. All plants here need to be kept moist / in humid environment.

    For aquarium type plants including mosses, Anubias, ferns, Bucephalandra and aquatic stem plants they can be totally kept submersed / submerged in water. For Marimo Ball, they are recommended to be kept totally submersed in water. For floating plants like Red Root Floaters, they need to be floating on water.

    For land-type plants, they should be kept emersed (above water) but still moist.

    If unsure, feel free to message us with your terrarium/paludarium tank photo and let us know which plants you are interested and we can advise on their suitability.

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